Why Homeschool?

Why homeschool?  Because you can!  Yes, even YOU!


Moms and dads are naturally equipped with the ability to know and understand their children because they live with them, most of the time, at least in some cases.  You know what they love, what interests them, in what ways they excel, and even what their weaknesses are.  What better teacher or mentor can they have than their own parent who loves them and cares about their education and their future?

Have you considered homeschooling, but automatically think that a public institution, a place where you send your child for six to eight hours a day, is the only place where learning takes place, and that parents are in no way capable to teach reading, writing, and math to their own children?  That type of learning only takes place in a "classroom" setting with a "certified' instructor, right?

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Someone once asked my husband and me what gave us the right to think that we could teach our own kids?  He only asked that because he was stuck in that same mentality that I was before I started to homeschool: "I can't do that!  I am not qualified."  Yet, this is a lie.  We are qualified first and foremost before any certified teacher or any well-equipped fancy institution.   We are qualified, we are capable, and we have the right (still) to educate, teach, and learn with our own children at home.

When I first homeschooled, my only reason for trying it was because I was looking for a great school for my five-year old.  It was by chance that I homeschooled because I enrolled my son into a homeschool storefront, and I liked the idea of being home with my kids.

It is only now, after ten years of homeschooling, that I have compiled more undesirable reasons against public schools:  a politically correct agenda, revisionist history, bad teachers who are protected by unions, the removal of and attacks against God, creation, and Christianity, and pushing the homosexual agenda, which in my opinion should be kept private and is not the business of schools to teach to students.

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Of course, if you are in favor of that agenda and you still desire to homeschool, you can duplicate the same philosophy at home.  And believe me, I once belonged to a liberal, tree-hugging, vegan, atheist homeschool group.  Yep, even liberals homeschool their kids, too.  But that is the freedom of homeschooling.  There is no one way to do it, and every family has to figure out what works best for them.

Educating at home is complete freedom!  It is awesome to be able to be home with your children to learn with them, explore with them, to guide them, and to watch them grow in knowledge and understanding.  Don't miss the opportunity to do so just because you are stuck in the old thinking that learning only takes place in school and only certified teachers and accredited schools are capable of teaching your children.

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Recently, a friend told me about a book called When You Rise Up by R.C. Sproul, Jr.   Mr. Sproul makes the case that God has created parents very capable of teaching their own children (at home).  While it is quite a responsibility, it is still a parents' duty to see that his or her child is educated in the things that he loves and that he develops an appreciation for learning.

If you are hesitant, but you hear that little voice inside telling you, "I wish I could do it," then listen to it, and just do it.  Learn about the homeschool laws in your state, as homeschooling is legal but different in every state, join a local homeschool group, and visit your library...often.  Plus, there is ample free information online, which can be overwhelming.  But you will eventually work out all the necessary details and find what works best for your family.

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Post Script:  Here is an interesting article on home schooling from Forbes Magazine: Want to Tell the State to Stick it?  Homeschool Your Kids.

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