Homeschool Testimony

This is the short version of why I home school:  

Once upon a time, I was looking for a unique school to enroll my five-year old.  When I called a local charter school for information, I was told they were a storefront for homeschoolers and that I would be completely responsible for my child's education; I almost choked.  But my husband encouraged me to go with him to the school and check it out.  We did, and the next thing I knew, I was homeschooling. 

That was in 2001.  We are no longer with that homeschool storefront, as they are now a full-time school.  But because I enjoyed being home with my children and learning right along with them, I decided to take "full responsibility" for their education until they graduate high school.

It is my desire to share God's Glory with them by exposing them to greatness through history, literature, art, music, science, composition, geography, and all that is a part of God's world.  This is our journey.  I hope that by sharing our adventures, other families will be encouraged to home school their children, too.

Post Script:

The long version of my story is here at our previous homeschool blog:
An Experiment in Homeschooling.

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