Thursday, January 7, 2021

America's Barbarians

First time in our Nation's Capitol, I guess.

Yesterday, January 6th, 2021, Barbarians descended upon the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., during a dissenting Patriot rally opposing the confirmation of some of the illegitimate presidential electors. In some places, the Savages were invited with ease to enter into the Capitol building without much resistance. They roamed the halls and invaded Congressional offices, as well as tramped the Congressional floor where elected officials had recently been, just moments before they were whisked away to safety. And beside the previously noted offensive Barbarian behavior, they also stopped to take "selfies" with statues of past Presidents and even with Capitol police.

Gerald Ford was a Trump Supporter. Who knew?

Nancy Pelosi for a minute

Four people lost their lives yesterday. I still do not understand what the Barbarians thought they were going to do once they got inside, other than take a tour of the Rotunda and shoot "selfies." Even if a coup were possible, it wasn't likely there was a Napoleon among them. I do not think this was what our President had in mind when he asked Patriots to be present on January 6th. 

This was a treasonous stunt perpetrated on our Capitol, and it was poorly handled by authorities. Frankly, I am concerned what would have happened had the Barbarians been a true and actual enemy of our nation who came not for selfies with presidential statues. Do we have real protocol for how to handle an angry mob? A powerful adversary? Imagine if more of them were armed with weapons and not just Trump flags. 

Speaker for a Moment

I am so disgusted. No doubt about it. 

But it is no different from my disgust of the summer. 

Do you remember summer 2020? I do.

Beginning in June, Americans endured daily and nightly riots, vandalism, looting, fires, random beatings and murder, and the forced entry of police stations, city government buildings, and a City Hall for weeks and months. Businesses, if re-opened after virus closure, re-closed out of FEAR! Business owners attempting to protect their business were beat by self-righteous angry fellow Americans. 

Dallas: What defending your business with your life looks like.

Los Angeles: Women gets head locked
for daring to defend her business.

The difference between the Barbarians yesterday and the Barbarians of summer is much: summer Barbarians, made up of mostly BLM, Antifa, and white guilt-ridden sympathizers, were hardly condemned for their violence because their destruction did not affect people who mattered. It was not personally against the elite political Leftist, who often seek to appease such criminals. It was not in their neighborhood. Most of all, it was for a necessary political agenda: "racist police killing innocent culprits." Summer Barbarians, (if they vote at all) tend to support the Left, so politicians could not condemn them lest they risk upsetting their voter base, or fear retribution if any politician said anything negative at all. And anyway, as far as the Leftist media was concerned, it was mostly peaceful. 

Nothing to see here

Mostly peaceful

However, yesterday's Barbarians do NOT support the Democrat Left. Since they were permitted inside the Capitol, they threatened the private safe space of America's precious elected class. And it was done in the name of a man they have hated for over four years. A man they have tried to demolish, dismantle, and remove like one of the MANY public statues the summer Barbarians had successfully torn down without rebuke from ANYONE on the Left, including the media. To be fair, I did not hear very much from anyone on the Right either.  Only Trump spoke out vehemently against the violence. 

Angry white people want to take down racist Democrat statue

BLM removes slave trader statue; good riddance!

I'll tell you what...this summer exposed so much political cowardice. The media controlled the narrative, and if you only used social media or a few MSM sources, you probably know very little extend of damage. You probably came away with a positive regard for BLM and even supported them. Did you know thirty people died due to the peaceful protests, many at the hands of fellow protestors. Look up how much financial damage the peaceful protests cost taxpayers. Disgusting! They even targeted Republicans in the streets after leaving the RNC, screaming foul and hateful threats in their faces, even physically assaulting some people. I am still hard pressed to find any condemnation about it from the Left! 

It's ok for some (angry mob) to terrorize others
(Republican Senator Rand Paul and wife)

Here in California, where anarchists love to shut down traffic by throwing tantrums on freeways... 

Typical California tantrum OK by Governor

 ...our governor told them: 

God bless you? Keep doing it? Your rage is real? 


The hypocrisy is so deafening. 

Yet today, the party that never condemns violence is now condemning yesterday's invasion into the Capitol building because it personally reached them and is politically useful for self-righteous gains.

The self-aggrandizement of the political elite is transparent. 

Not to pardon yesterday's actions, but the Barbarians are righteously indignant, too. Together, Barbarian and peaceful Patriots, we are aggrieved with the lies, the hypocrisy, and the systematic dismantling of America. While the majority of Trump supporters were ABSOLUTELY peaceful, naturally, you won't hear about it or see it. It was the portion of uncivilized mob that took this into their own hands, and it was wrong. But so was the horrible violence and destruction that took place all summer long. 

The American political elite class, Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter technocrats, and the main stream media are hypocrites and liars and create the narrative they want everyone to believe. There is little we can do to stop them from disparaging Patriots, America, and President Donald Trump. And the most dangerous part is that they now have unchecked power over both houses of government as well as the executive. 

It takes everything I have to behave in my thoughts. So I think of this:

Psalm 110:5-7 says:

The Lord is at Your right hand;

He shall execute kings in the day of His wrath.

He shall judge among the nations,

He shall fill the places with dead bodies,

He shall execute the heads of many countries. 

I do  pity and pray for them. It is not the wrath of Barbarians in which they are in most danger. It is something far Greater. 

UPDATE: I want to add this, if you'd like to read more. This op-ed by Michael Reagan: Trump Could Have Averted a National Embarrassment. He echos what I said, to some degree, but goes further to rebuke Trump for carrying this on for as long as he did, giving hope where it was impossible. The truth always comes out, and yes, we are headed for more disappointing times; but we must move on and persevere for truth and goodness and right. OK, he doesn't say all that, but I am. 

2nd UPDATE: This video makes me so sad. The first part includes just a few interviews of Patriots, but the rest of it is raw video of protestors attacking police. It makes me really angry that they are doing this, but it is clearly evident that, at least in these clips, there were police doing what they needed to do to counter the protestors. Please watch: 


  1. God bless you, Ruth. I want to ask that guy why he is that buffalo horns? Maybe it is an Old West thing.

    1. Sandi, I think he identifies as a Viking bc that seems to be his costume at every rally he attends.

  2. It is disheartening that some on the right are playing the left's game and the hypocrisy is blatant, but only seen by people not blinded by their personal ideologies.

    However, when I think of some of the things the Scribes and Pharisees said to Christ and accused Him of doing, then I rejoice that believers like ourselves are sharing in His sufferings. Remember: Jesus told us that they will hate us because they first hated Him.

    You are in my prayers Ruth as well as our nation and also those lost, blind, and deaf people.

    1. Thank you for prayers!

      True, one of the biggest farces in history (mock trial and condemnation) happened to Jesus Christ, and yet, God turned it around for good. There are some in our government perpetrating horrible deception, lies, and theft, and the mockery of religion (especially the Christian religion) with stupid man-made ideas (like "Awomen"), makes me want to get the popcorn out and stand by! But it really isn't a laughing matter at all. Ah well. It brings great relief to know God knows all of this and sees everything. It is not for man to seek revenge (like January 6th), but to let God set things right. He will in His time, but not if people try to interfere and do it their way, or force it with violent intervention.