Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Transcontinental Railroad

From Sea to Shining Sea
A Treasury of American Folklore and Folk Songs
Compiled by Amy Cohn

It's perfect when life lines up with what we are learning. For one, I love this book, From Sea to Shining Sea by Amy Cohn, of American folksongs and folklore because it is in chronological order and coincides with our studies. This chapter is on the transcontinental railroad, and features songs and lore about the topic.

When we come to songs, I always find great resources via Youtube. Here's Johnny Cash singing Rock Island Line.

When real life is timed perfectly with our studies, that makes me happy. This weekend, the Union Pacific Steam Engine #4014 "Big Boy" came through Victorville. Supposedly it is the only steam engine around, made to commemorate the 150th year of the Transcontinental Railroad. Here are some pics and a video my husband took.


Frederic Michael Verdier said...

I love the perspective on this. This sounds interesting .Thanks for sharing!

Daniel Dulake said...

This is so nice!! I had so much fun reading our post!