Sunday, June 4, 2017

Homeschool Graduation

This is my second homeschooled high school graduate.  My daughter decided to have a graduation ceremony with her best friend at church.  They both worked diligently to prepare for this day.  

After Pastor opened the ceremony, both girls played the guitar and sang a song together.  Then my husband gave a short speech on how our family came to homeschool and shared some of our daughter's homeschool experiences.  Next there was a slide show, which I had compiled of my daughter's life and some favorite homeschool events.  Afterward, our daughter gave her class speech on the benefits of homeschooling.  

Next her friend's father gave his speech about their homeschool and a slideshow of his daughter, and she gave her class speech about trusting God.  Then both dad's passed out the diplomas to their daughters and the girls officially moved their tassels over to the left side of the cap.  Afterward we had pictures, food and cake, and finally cleaned up the church and went home.  

getting her diploma
getting a hug from Dad

getting ready to switch sides

with big brother

with Mom and Dad

with best friend
It is officially over.  For a second time, a young person in our home survived 18 years of life without ever having to attend a state institution (although my first one attended Catholic preschool for a year, and it was an awful experience). 

Imagine that! My daughter can read (obsessively) and write stories and speeches, though she loathes math just like her mother.  She is genuinely social, knows how to speak with adults, and has numerous favorite friends.  I also now know she can play the guitar, sing, and give a public speech.

Whatever apprehensions I had about homeschooling my kids disappeared a long time ago.  I am convinced that there is absolutely nothing debilitating about educating your kids at home.  In fact, I think the benefits far outweigh any fears or concerns one may have about homeschooling.  They simply are unfounded.

As for the future: my daughter is already concurrently enrolled and taking classes at the local community college, and she will attend full time in the fall.  Like her big brother, when she is ready, she will transfer to a four year college.  She doesn't know what she'll study, but she knows that God will lead her where He needs her.    

Two down, three more to go.

P.S. This is the video I put together of my daughter's life and school experience in just a few minutes.


Joining the Great Conversation said...

This is a serious tear-jerker. Very much encourages me to set my sights on the goals of the years ahead instead of getting so caught up in the days. Thank you for sharing.


Ruth said...

You're welcome, Audra. And enjoy the journey, too, b/c its your education as well.