Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hiking Claremont Wilderness Loop

This month's hike was at the Claremont Wilderness Loop.  It was our first time, and we did not know what to expect; if we had, we would have dressed more appropriately.  Coming from where we live, it was like winter, but as it is everywhere else in Southern California, it was hot in Claremont.  So we dressed too warmly.  

The trail is all dirt, great for biking and running, but it is continuously uphill, so one would have to be an experienced biker to use this trail.  The loop we took was five miles.  It isn't covered, except for the beginning, so there is not much shade.  However, there are lots of birds and flowers, and I just loved looking at and listening to the beautiful sights and sounds.  On crystal clear days, you can look out and see Catalina Island.  Our hiking day was not crystal clear.  But it was still a wonderful hike.  

Some of the sights and sounds.  : )

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Sharon Wilfong said...

Hi Ruth. You have some lovely trails near where you live. Your children are fortunate. Your excursions remind me of Carol's at Journey and Destination, except hers is in Australia.

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