Friday, April 14, 2017

A Homeschool Room to Call Our Own

 I have been homeschooling since 2001, but we did not get a homeschool room to call our own until 2011.  Before then, everything we used and did was stored throughout the house, in the hallway, on the walls and doors, and even in my bedroom.  So, while it is not necessary to have a room dedicated to homeschooling, it is a blessing - at least as a place to keep your homeschooling life together, in one place.

Our room changes constantly - in fact, every year it changes.  By spring, I am antsy to start planning my next year, and the second the current school year is over, I take down everything from the old year and put it away.  Then we downsize and change the room around.

However, this year we got started early.  The kids went through their belongings and gave away a lot of toys they no longer wanted, and we were able to move out some furniture.  I would still like to get rid of more stuff, but I had to compromise.

Meet our homeschool room.  : )

The murals were done by homeschool friends from our Antiquity Year.  I couldn't part with those b/c they are beautiful, and they block out the sun during the summer.

This is the other mural of the Roman Colosseum.  The kids keep miscellaneous reading books that we have collected over the years on that corner bookcase, and they store their current school books and papers on the smaller bookcase.  Please excuse my college kid's messy desk area.

All of our paper and art supplies and school books are in these tall cabinets.  My only regret about our room is that it lacks useable wall space, and I must be creative about hanging maps and posters.

My favorite place is this corner.  Because books!  And I am already (mentally and emotionally) preparing for our next school year : Colonial America.

My husband and I argue about what will become of this room when I am done homeschooling.  I would love to make it a library~sun room ; but he wants to make it into his man cave.  (Frankly, I thought that's what the garage was for.)


Sharon Wilfong said...

I love this room. How many kids would love learning if they could have such an environment to learn in. Your kids are blessed!

Ruth said...

Oh, thank you, Sharon. You are too kind.

Unfortunately, I didn't mention, in the winter it becomes extremely cold and uncomfortable, and we have do a lot of our work in the living room or kitchen table. : ( The room lacks good insulation. In the summer it is unbearable, but we don't do school in summer.