Friday, March 24, 2017

Art Study: Winslow Homer

This month we studied Winslow Homer, one of my favorite American painters.  He lived by the sea, and he painted many beautiful seascapes, which goes well with our sea and exploration year.  Today we attempted a watercolor project based on Homer.  Well, it was tedious, and there were a lot of complaints; but, as always, it was fun to see the end results.  

This first one is my youngest, age 8:

This glittery one is my 12 year old:

This one is mine.  I tried to do the tissue paper clouds in watercolor, but we ended up with cotton ball clouds.  It goes with the 3-D effect.

And this is my 9-year old.  He asked me if he could make it a pirate ship, with aliens and sharks.  So you have to know that we have been reading about pirates and sharks.  But the aliens are purely my son's wild imagination.  I am sure Homer would be beside himself to see aliens beaming up sharks and pirates in a watercolor inspired by him.


Sharon Henning said...

HOw blessed your children are to be able to do this. What a lot of fun!

Ruth said...

Oh, thank you, thank you!