Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve California Hiking

Our homeschool group hiked the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, California.  It was not as easy as we had expected.  The dirt trails go up and down and all around.  And the wind is treacherous, at times.  But it was worth the hour and a half drive from our city.  

It is kind of silly when you think about people driving to Lancaster to see poppies.  The little orange flowers grow like weeds in my neighborhood - except on my property, of course.  The line of cars to get into the park on a Tuesday at 2 PM, when we were leaving, was still ridiculously long.   You would think people were coming to see a celebrity.

We found this injured painted lady.  Poor little guy couldn't fly anymore.

The boys waiting for us the catch up.

Walking toward the orange.

My kids.

Some purple weeds that also do not grow on my property.

One yellow poppy in the bunch.

Some yellow weeds.

Up the incline we go.



Sharon Henning said...

Those photos are incredible. They make me think of an Impressionist painting. I would love to paint some of those photos. Stunning!

Ruth said...

Thank you, Sharon!

Amanda said...