Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hiking Ice House Canyon Trail on Election Day. Caution: Liberal Triggering Ahead

I am grateful we did this strenuous hike on Election Day.  Every four years I am sick to my stomach, and this election was no different.  Four years ago I cried my eyes out because Obama was reelected (except I forgot to throw a temper tantrum, destroy private and public property, block traffic, and protest the democratic outcome).  Instead, my family lost our health plan and were forced to pay more for a plan we did not want.  I lost my favorite primary doctor, and my kids lost their pediatrician, whom we loved.  But our federal government always knows what is best for us, right?  It is somewhere in the U.S. Constitution . . . I think.

Because I naturally anticipated another four years of a Democrat - a criminal one, at that - and since America loves government telling them what is best for them, I preferred the idea of getting away from reality and taking this taxing hike up Ice House Canyon Trail in the Cucamonga Wilderness.  

This trail is a rocky incline.  

We found water in California.

And tiny pinecones.

And gnarly trees.

But is was soooo PEACEFUL and serene.

Tall trees

More water

And abandoned structures.

We would love to go further; maybe next time.

This is how we California desert dwellers experience autumn.

And this is where ladybugs are born: in the Cucamonga Wilderness.  : )

On the way down; cannot wait to get to the car, and the restroom.

I did watch the election returns later that night, after we returned from our hike, and they were surreal.  By 11:30 PM I went to bed, leaving it in God's hands.  I did not know the outcome, but it appeared that Trump would win.  How America managed that one, I was surprised.

For years, my husband and children have nagged to get a puppy.  Why would I want a dog in addition to five children and a husband?  "No," I always replied.

However, about a month before the election, I said: "If Trump wins, we'll get a puppy."  It was my way of saying: "When pigs fly . . . "  I was feeling rather cynical, and rebellious.

At 4:30 the next morning, I received a text from a friend: "So, what kind of puppy are you getting?"  

I am eating my words.

Trump was not my Republican candidate.  I did not vote for him in the primary either.  He did not appear serious to me, he had Democrat roots, and he had socially liberal ideas.  However, the more he became the lone Republican candidate, the more he evolved conservatively.  

A few weeks before the election,  I found myself defending my husband's candidate, Donald Trump, against family members who referred to Trump supporters as "stupid and dumb."  (My husband is NOT stupid or dumb.  He does not hate Muslims or Mexicans, he is not racist, and he is not afraid of homosexuals.)  He just has a different political and social worldview than you - a worldview that has been demonized and demoralized for so long that some believe anything other than their own view is absolutely wrong.  (BTW, my husband is Mexican-American, if I have to use the hyphenated word.)  

The more American flags burned, the more Mexican flags waved, the more Trump supporters were violently attacked for attending Trump rallies, the more people called Trump supporters racists, homophobes, and Islamophobes, the more I was pushed to support Trump, too. These are absolute lies about people who support Trump; and the Left knows exactly how to push emotions, even untruthfully.  It worked.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton does not represent us.  She is a bigger, overreaching federal government official than Trump could ever prove to be.  She has been in government forever and out of touch with most Americans.  She actually looks like an evil, big corporate, anti-environmental Republican on paper, in her private business dealings - and if her supporters honestly cared, more would have supported Bernie Sanders than her.  And there is more, but I'll stop.  

The Democrats' way of dividing Americans has reached a boiling point.  More Americans are done taking a back seat to people who are either not American citizens, with no intention of assimilating into our culture or society, or ungrateful, spoiled brats who hate America, burn our flag, or wastefully take government assistance; and yet their voices are heard and their personal demands are taking precedence over our God-given rights in the U.S. Constitution.

Some Americans have been forgotten or pushed aside in order for government to pander to smaller groups of people based on their race, place of origin, so-called religion, or their sexual orientation. They have rejected the rule of law intended to protect what is right and good for all citizens, in favor of giving attention to smaller personal, private issues, and they have put those issues above the rights of Americans in general.  This is the liberal way of life, and it is utterly disastrous.  

Let's not forget the dismantling of and burdens on our livelihoods based on some fake environmental science about how the sky is falling, and we're all going to die because humans suck.  I'm talking to you, California voters!  But, I digress.

Will Trump change this?  I do not know because he must work with Congress.  Will they work with him?  Not if they are full of greedy, arrogant pride.  Let us hope that he does not act like a king, as some presidents have, using executive order to lay his will down.  Meanwhile, some Americans and non-American citizens alike may have to be spoon fed the rule of law because for too long many have been accustomed to having all of their selfish demands handed to them on silver platters.  I pray that era is over, at least for awhile.

It was well worth the agony of the feet.


Sharon Henning said...

I just found this in my e mail so I'm a little late in responding.

All I can say is that I am completely on your page. When I first found out Trump was the Republican nominee I was horrified. Then it became a case of anyone but Hillary. And nominating conservative judges.

Then I prayed that God remove godless leaders and raise up godly leaders. I prayed that every night (I still do) and God gave me a great peace.

I am reading a good book. A biography of Jeane Kirkpatrick. If you want to understand how we came to this, this book traces its roots to the Utopian idealists of the sixties who thought in vague, general terms of "the good of all mankind" rather than concrete terms like what will give people jobs, equal opportunity, without taking away individual freedom.

Something similar happened with Jimmy Carter who governed according to these "Utopian" ideals. The response was eight years of Reagan.

I feel as Christians we've been granted a reprieve and I'm praying hard for another great awakening in our country.

Ruth said...

I pray the same thing - that God would remove corrupt leaders and raise up godly leaders. And that there would be a revival of hearts turned to God in this country, too. I don't think this election was that (men turning away from this wickedness and turning back to God), but rather enough people in the right places recognized the failed policies and promises of the Left. Exactly like the Jimmy Carter effect, only much WORSE. It has been a blatant division (and obvious racist charge) of a particular group of people in America.

The Jeane Kirkpatrick biography sounds right up my alley. I'll check to see if my library system dares to carry it. Sounds just like Obama's ideals.

Thank you for your continuous encouraging support. (I sometimes feel like a lone wolf in these parts of the liberal blogosphere.)

Sharon Henning said...

Don't be discouraged, Ruth. I live in the heartland of conservative country but our danger is that people here are too complacent. They think because they are conservative and Republican that they are also saved and they don't see how much worldliness has crept into their thinking.

One thing I'm glad about this election is that it has jolted a lot of people here into "wake up" mode.

Our church has some really good sermons about how Christians must look at our culture and ourselves and make sure we have not conformed to unBiblical lifestyles.

The good thing about where you are is that the people who are Christians are usually more passionate about their beliefs.

At least I saw that when I lived in New Jersey and England. Most people were secular but the ones who were Christians put their money where their mouth is.

Ruth said...

Sharon, I know what you mean about people becoming complacent. And the opposite can be very true for Christians in California. We truly are living in darkness out here. Our faith is always being tested. I've live in San Bernardino County since the early Eighties, which has always been a conservative area as long as I've lived here; but it is changing, and in the last few elections, our county has turned blue. It's changing quickly. It's easy to see why people want to leave, but our Pastor asked us in 2012, "Where do you want to go? Texas? Oklahoma? This is where God wants you. Right here in Victorville, California. Right here in Rome." No matter what or where, we have His work to do.

Sharon Henning said...

Ruth: And that's a great place to be in because your field is ripe unto harvest. The biggest frustration I have here in Texas is trying to get people to talk about things that matter.

When I taught in school, all the teachers went to church but they only wanted to talk about their favorite restaurants, movies and going to the boats in Louisiana (gambling). If you tried to bring up matters of substance (religion, politics how humanistic teaching has crept into our curriculum etc.) they avoided you.

It really blew my mind how they couldn't see how amoral and anti-Christian the reading list was and they thought I was weird for pointing it out.

It is very hard to witness to people who think that because they were born and raised Southern Baptist that they've got their bases covered. I think this election has changed that, at least.

My husband and I are now going to a church that is passionate about Christ. The people we are befriending there are interested in talking deeper than "where do you get your hair done". It's been a good experience.

Stephen said...

Just wanted to say how wonderful your photos are!

Re: Trump, I'm still waiting. I assumed he'd just be another establishment turncoat, but so far his cabinet picks have been...interesting.

Ruth said...

Hey, thanks, Stephen.

Yeah, that's what I tell my husband: we'll see about Trump. I can't say anything either way. (I'm actually more concerned with the establishment types in Congress. We need term limits!)

Stephen said...

Every bit of Congressional reform I hear of includes term limits, but the trick is getting Congress to pass such a thing. Perhaps it could be included in those other bills they never read...

Sharon Henning said...

What really need is term limits for the Supreme Court. They also need to enforce impeachment proceedings when the Court overreaches its judicial authority. Like it has for the past several years.

Stephen said...

Truly! Have you read Mark Levin's "Liberty Amendments"? He proposes 10 amendments that would rein in all branches of DC and strengthen the States. One allows for the direct overturning of SCOTUS rulings by the States.

Sharon Henning said...

Stephen: I have not. I will look for the book.

Ruth said...

When I read Paul Johnson's History of the American People, one of the lone negative opinions he had on our Founding Father's brilliant work of the development of the Constitution and our government was their hasty construction of the judicial branch; and he pointed out some of these problems, like lifetime appointments.