Monday, September 5, 2016

Viking Meal

To end our Viking studies, we had a Viking meal.  I researched Scandinavian food, and I found some things that my family would think edible, like ribs, potatoes, bread, and butter with honey.  For some reason, beer kept coming up, so I opted for root beer instead.  

Of course, given I had to Americanize the meal a bit, we had baby back BBQ ribs and baked potato, instead of boiled or stewed.

And I NEVER in my life have time to make bread, so we used ready-made biscuits.

And you know root beer.

Vikings had veggies, too, but I'm the only one who eats cooked vegetables in my house; I enjoyed the peas very much.

Finally, we did have time to make a yummy Swedish fruit bread, which I made with bananas. Vikings probably never even had bananas, but it was all I had.  We didn't care for the sour cream/cream cheese topping, but the bread was very moist.  

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