Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Blue Ridge Trail Hike

We go on hikes with other homeschool families about every six weeks.  We hike local southern California trails.  Yesterday we hiked Blue Ridge Trail in Wrightwood.  It is four miles total and is considered moderate.  That's putting it mildly.  The trail is 2 miles up of steep, rocky terrain, with Blue Ridge campground at the top, where you may rest and eat your lunch before heading down.  It is mostly a shady trail, with some sun.  It is a good workout, so bring plenty of water. 

Before the hike:

Stopping to look at the stream:

At the 1 mile mark:

2 miles later, at the top.  Yay!

On our way down.

Stopping to examine a hollow in a tree:

See the heart on the tree?


Sharon Henning said...

Looks like a fun walk. Right now, we're battening the hatches in Northwest Florida where I'm visiting my parents. No hikes for us until Hermine blows over. Pray for everyone to be safe and no property destroyed.

Ruth said...

Sharon, if you get this message, I hope everything turned out ok last night for you and your parents. I saw some of the destruction this morning and it didn't look so good.

Sharon Henning said...

HI Ruth! We were very fortunate here. Just a smattering of rain.

It was funny, though. Wednesday my mother and I went to the beach and we were practically the only ones there. I hadn't seen the news about the approaching hurricane, duh.

In the distance, in the water I saw some kind of sea animal I couldn't identify. There were several of them. I ran down the beach to get a better look. Guess what they were?

Surfers! We never have surfers in the Gulf because the waters are too calm. The impending hurricane had whipped up the waves to a height people could finally surf too.

I'm now on my way back to Longview. Really wish I lived here. This place is so beautiful.

Ruth said...

Well, I am really glad to hear that you guys are ok.

That was a funny story about the beach. I know surfers love hurricane weather b/c of the waves. They are crazy.