Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ships at Sea Theme Thursday

A friend who also home schools noticed that I had been pinning nautical ideas on Pinterest lately. She borrowed some of the pins and told me about her nautical themed (end of the school year) party she was planning.  I told her I am planning an exploration year, and she invited us to her "Ships at Sea" party.  It was such a fun idea, and I loved it because it coincided with our coming school year.  

The kids dressed up as pirates, a sailor, and a castaway.

The first game was an altered game of shuffleboard.

Before they got messy, we took a group shot.  There were more pirates, castaways, a ship maid, a scientist, a coal worker, a clam, and one in her own lifeboat.

The craft included a piece of drift wood, twine, and glass to make a wind chime or something pretty to hang up in your window.

Next the kids had to search for buried treasure in the sand.  They broke up into three ships and took turns frantically digging.  They only had five seconds each turn.  

The best part was the finale: a battle between two ships and their captains and crew.  Of course, it was a water balloon battle.

And finally, there was lunch: Sonic ocean water,

life preservers,

Scurvy prevention,

boat sails,

and life boats, which were hot dogs (but I forgot to take a picture.  You know what hot dogs look like.).

Before the the end of the party, the kids made journals with pictures from the day.

And now summer officially begins.  Yay!


Sharon Henning said...

You do such an incredible job with your kids. Have you considered writing a book compiling your ideas? I think a lot of people would buy it.

Ruth said...

Hi, Sharon,
Thanks. Actually this idea is all my friend's. She's been doing "Thrilling Themed Thursdays" with her kids for six years. That was the first one we ever went to. Now she has inspired me.
And most of my ideas are helped by so many other great moms that I have worked with. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a rut, but when I get together with them, ideas just flow. So I have to give credit to them. Most of the time I feel like I am at a brick wall, but you should see what they do with their kids. It's really amazing. They even write school songs and make costumes for their kids. (I have to contract out the costume making to my mother.)
But thank you for your compliment. : ) I truly am humbled.