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Church History Year Recap, Part III

Church History Recap, Part I
Church History Recap, Part II

This is our final component.  Again, these are the events and people we studied; and the kids did an illustration in their Pilgrim's journals and wrote up a little report.  These are some of their illustrations.

III.  Reforming:
The Church Shakes the World

The Renaissance/Reformation (1500 - 1648)

Divine Comedy as Told for Young People - Joseph Tusiani
The Tale of Paradise Lost retold by Nancy Willard


Martin Luther posts 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg
Augsburg Confessions
Copernicus publishes heliocentric theory
Council of Trent
Counter Reformation begins
French religious war between Catholics and Protestants
Galileo condemned by the Church for his views
Thirty Years' War (Counter Reformation ends)
End of Reformation in Europe

Galileo Galilei

Martin Luther
King Henry VIII of England
Queen "Bloody" Mary I of England
William Tyndale
Ulrich Zwingli
John Calvin
Queen Elizabeth I of England
John Knox
Oliver Cromwell

Martin Luther

John Calvin

John Knox

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII

King Henry VIII

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

William Tyndale

William Tyndale

William Tyndale


Art Study:
Renaissance Art and Architecture
Baroque Art and Architecture


Now that we have completed church history through the mid 17th century, we must return to Europe right before the turn of the first millennium, when the Vikings began exploring.  This fall we will begin our exploration year, and we will sail the Seven Seas, while studying explorers and their voyages to new seas and lands.  

I must tell my kids the story of the Western Civilization connection between Europe and America before I can tell them the story of America.  This year we closed our lessons by leaving a group of English Separatists seeking religious freedom, ready to depart for North America.  After this next school year, when we discover how big the world truly is and make the connection between Europe and America, then in another year we will return to the story of the Separatists, and we may begin the story of America.

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