Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Byzantine Icon Pendants for Kids

Finally, we did an "art project."  If you have ever studied Western art, you will find it feeling somewhat lacking before the Middle Ages.  And most art before the Italian Renaissance was strictly religious in nature.

For early Christian art, we visited the catacombs.  Not much is left.  We also studied architecture, such as the early cathedrals, which is an area we usually overlook in art study.  But recently we looked at Byzantine and Carolingian art.   So for an art project, we made Byzantine icon pendants-turned-Christmas tree ornaments.

This involved rolling out some polymer clay into a small shape.

Each child chose his or her favorite biography from early Christian history that we had studied, and I printed a small image of that individual for the pendant. 

The clay was cut to fit the size of the image, and the edge of the clay decorated, if so desired.

We also added a place to string something through it to hang later.

Then we popped these puppies into the oven for a few minutes to harden.

 When cooled, we painted them, and when they dried, we glued the image to the pendant.

 Some opted to use glitter.  (Love glitter.  So much fun.)

Medieval image of Jesus Christ

St. Patrick
Medieval image of Jesus Christ

Emperor Constantine (on left)

Instant Christmas tree ornaments!


Sharon Henning said...

Those are really cool ornaments! I have a couple of icons in my house because my brother-in-law is from Cyprus and my sister has brought me back a few as souvenirs. Yours look very good. Almost like the real thing!

Ruth said...

Thanks. They were fun to make.