Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Nature Journals

I am having so much fun going on our nature walks and working in our nature journals.  It has given me an opportunity to get back into drawing.  Hey, who said homeschooling was only for kids?  

This is the first time we have done nature journals as part of our school year.  We call it science.  On Fridays we go for a walk, and during our walk we collect nature samples.  These are things that have fallen off trees or shrubs, so there is no picking from our neighbors' property.  Then we take them home and draw them into our nature journals.  We research what we do not know for sure, and label it so that we have its true identity.  Sometimes we may see a bird or other animal or insect, and we will draw that into our journal, too.

Mom's first nature journal entry

Mom's second and third entries

Six-year old's first entry

Ten year-old's entries

Eight-year old's entries (and he hates to draw)

Nature journaling is a great activity to do with kids because it encourages observation of one's environment and nature and improvement of drawing skills.  Who can't use that?

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