Thursday, August 13, 2015

Church History: The Pilgrimage Begins

This morning I set out three packages for three of my kids.  It included all of the items they need for their pilgrimage: a cloak, two journals, a shoulder bag, a map, and a pilgrimage certificate.  The only things missing were the staffs and a hat for my son.  (I was not paying $25 for a hat from Party City. We'll look elsewhere.)  Most of this was kept secret from them this summer, and they were excited to sit down and open them up.  

I allowed them to look through everything and try on the cloaks before we talked about what they would be doing for the school year.  They tried to guess what they would be this year, but eventually I explained to them that they would be medieval pilgrims going on a pilgrimage through Church History.  

I read to them my rationale for the year: why Christians should know their church history.  And then I told them a truncated version of church history (complete with slide show and music), how pilgrimages began and why they eventually ended - although they really do continue to this day.

We also discussed what we would be using the two journals for: one for a nature study and the other for the pilgrimage.  And we looked over the map of the Mediterranean region and talked about the significance of the pilgrim's certificate. Then I had them glue the map and certificate into their pilgrim's journal.  

And that was the opening day of our school year.  Next week we really begin our journey .  


Melissa said...

What a great way to change up a Medieval Study. I am sure your family will have great year!

Ruth said...

Hi, Melissa. Thanks. We're actually getting into the theme this week, so I am excited.

Sharon Henning said...

I didn't realize your children were so young. They're so cute. What a fantastic idea to turn them on to Medieval times. I wish I could join them!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Sharon! : )

Michele said...

I love your ideas and especially the cloaks. Did you use a specific pattern? My children have been pestering me for years to make them some and I haven't been intimidated on how to make them.
Thank you!

Ruth said...

The cloaks were made by my mom. I found ideas off Pinterest for medieval pilgrim's cloaks, and plenty of ideas came up. I sent them to my mom, and she threw them together. She said they were super easy and simple. But I do not sew, so that is why I asked her to do it.