Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Preparing for a Church History School Year

My government on the issue of marriage, in God's Face

America is changing drastically and swiftly before our eyes.  I can be angry and throw a tantrum, or I can be an example to my children and focus our attentions on the things of God and the hope that is in Christ, which is far more urgent than what any little Supreme Court on earth can temporarily do. Instead, I am going to look forward to my next school year as a year of encouragement and inspiration for faith, as we review the lives of past Christians, so that I may teach my children how to live hopefully and walk uprightly in a dark world.           

This Court made it legal for a woman
to kill her own baby in the womb.   

This is how I have been feeling in these last several days – hopeful and encouraged - as I look to the past for strength.  Not just to the future, which is Christ, but to the past where our Christian brothers and sisters served in far greater desperate times, far more dangerous for Christians than we are living, in America anyway, though that is changing.  

This is the time to prepare our armor - though Christians should always be preparing and donning their armor - but it is time to respond differently to our cultures' deep changes, that we may be strength, encouragement, and examples to others.  I want my children to be fully equipped for these times.   

When I had initially decided to do a church history year, it was because I wanted to continue working chronologically through Western history.  The Medieval period follows Classical Greece and Rome; but we just had an amazing Medieval year four years ago, and I did not want to rehash the same year. I had to rethink: what major event made up the Middle Ages?  Church history, of course!

Then as I began researching, I found it profoundly and urgently fitting to study the men and women who made up the Early, Medieval, and Reformation church, many of whom were martyrs in their time.  If I think that Christians have it difficult today, I must consider those who came before.  If anyone can teach Christians how to stand with conviction, even in times of dangerous persecution, it is them. 

Also, I decided it would be beneficial for me to be personally encouraged by reading to myself about the trials of other Christians, and I picked out a few books to read before or during the school year, such as Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, and Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery.  

So I am done with the bulk of the curriculum planning portion for our Church History year, and now I am working out the details. I will share more on that later.  For now I needed to say what I said because I am grateful that God has reminded me to use this opportunity to keep my eyes on Him, to grow in my faith, to hope in Christ, and to train up my kids in the way they should go, even as it seems America is losing her soul - or selling it to the devil - and the future is moving towards hopelessness.  In truth, as more people become hopeless, more will need Christ, and Christians will be called upon to light the way.  We must be ready!


Kiley Petersen said...

This certainly is a fitting time for your school year. I can't wait to see more about what your planning!

Ruth said...

Thanks, Kiley.