Friday, July 10, 2015

Accessories for Church History Year

These are some of the things I have been working on this summer to prepare for our Church History school year:  Religious pilgrims (of the Medieval and Renaissance period) need to be fully equipped before setting out on a long school year journey through Europe, North Africa, the Holy Land, and Asia Minor.  Here are the items they will be given during their first week of school. 

1.  A certificate from the Church stating that they are officially pilgrims (not to be confused with beggars), complete with Mom's stamp and seal.  It's rather like a passport.

2.  A map, of course!  This one covers Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Minor.  It is a little aged, but that is to be expected; it will cover 1500 years.  Pilgrims will need to fill these in with color as they travel to different regions, kingdoms, and cities.

3. Pilgrim's cloak.  The will get the hooded cloaks, and my son will need a pilgrim's hat, once I get over to Party City to see what they have.  My mom made the cloaks.

4.  The pilgrim's bag to carry money, the pilgrim journal (see below) and their map on the journey, and to bring back souvenirs from the places they visit. My mom made these, too.

5.  The pilgrim's journal.  Probably not a staple of the pilgrim accessories, but my pilgrims will need to carry a journal to draw and write about the places they visit and the people they meet and the events they witness on their journey.  This journal will even be like their commonplace book, where they will record drawings, quotes, or passages from the literature we read this year.  This will be where they keep their souvenirs, too.  This is the art book I bought: Canson mix media, 7"X10".

Then I covered it in burlap.  Now, forgive me: I am not a crafty person! Getting through these six books, cutting and gluing this unruly material, was a trying experience; I am grateful to be done.  I had to do six because everyone will get two journals: one for pilgrim's journey and the other for their nature journal. 

And finally, 5. a pilgrim's staff for walking those difficult terrains.  These we picked up during a recent camping trip, and each kid found one just his or her size.  So we brought them home.


Bridey said...

I love it all-the map, the cloaks, the book's-everything! What a meaningful year, as well.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Bridey. I am really looking forward to this year. : )