Monday, June 1, 2015

Closing Rome Presentations

This is it.  Our final presentation day: ROME.  
The school year is coming to a close.

What we learned:

The Romans had water wheels.

And we learned to construct our own using a paper plate, paper cups, and a wooden skewer. 

The Romans may have perfected the arch, but everyone else copied them:

Eva demonstrated how to make an arch using cubes made of plaster of Paris:

The Romans stole their first sundial from someone else.  (Shocking, I know!)

Here, Sophia is testing her two homemade sundials to see if they are accurate: 

The flat one was exact, but the equilateral sundial (on left) is off by an hour. 

This was a cool presentation on the expansion of the Roman empire.

And what are Roman presentations without gladiators and weapons?

And a demonstration using those weapons to see which one is superior?

From Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, a great performance of Marc Antony's speech: 
"Friends, Romans, countrymen..."

The Roman road, as showcased HERE.

And finally, a surprise presentation by a mom on the how our calendar has developed and evolved from the past, and how people are trying to still change it today.  You should check that out because it is fascinating!

Stay tuned for our coming Closing Ceremonies for the school year.  
It is going to be a great celebration.

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