Friday, June 5, 2015

Champions of Odyssey Closing Day

This was our last day of school: the first Champions of Odyssey Olympiad.

We set up my school room into three parts: 


and Rome.

We had a platform for our champions, too.

The olympians would complete in the pentathlon: 
relay race,

long jump,

discus and javelin throw,

and the highly anticipated chariot race.

And of course there would be food after the ceremonies.

The procession of the three competing nations - Egypt, Greece, and Rome - began.

We began with the sining of our school song.

Then the games began.
First, the relay race.

The winners of the relay race were the Italians.

Next was discus.

The winners of the discus competition were the Egyptians.

Next was the long jump.

The winners of the long jump were the Greeks.

We had a protester photo bomb the Greeks.

Then came the javelin throw.
The High Desert wind did not show favor on the contestants.
Thank goodness the javelin was made of foam.

But we did have a winner of the javelin, and it was Egypt again.

Finally, the original chariot race consisted of a fellow charioteer, but later that proved extremely dangerous when the competitors took their first round.  We had to amend the competition and eliminate the rider.  Way too scary for mom-spectators.

Collision about the happen...

Finally, the Italians proved to be the most skilled at the chariot race.

After the games, it was time for our visitor, Asenath, Joseph's wife from Egypt.  It made sense that she would come to close our school year since Joseph had visited us at the beginning of the school year.

We all took pictures with Asenath.

And Asenath presented the olive wreaths to the champions.

And each nation stood with their flag to hear their national anthems.  

Even our future champions received a wreath.

Now it was time for the Olympic feast.

And lastly, it was time for fun, with props:

I always feel a little sad when our school year is over because I love working with these moms and their kids.  My family has a lot of great memories from this school year, and it would not have been possible without them and their super ideas.  Next year I am working on my own, but I hope to get back together with some of these families in the following school years.


Sharon Henning said...

What a group of incredible creative and talented kids (and parents!) Who says homeschoolers are socialized?

Ruth said...

Yeah, that's a crazy idea: socialization!

Sharon Henning said...

I meant to say, "Who says homeschoolers aren't socialized." That's a pet peeve with me because, being a public school teacher I have witnessed first hand how "wonderful" socializing at school is. Homeschoolers have far more freedom and ability to socialize in a more diverse and healthy environment than kids at school, in my opinion.

Ruth said...

No problem. I knew exactly what you meant. As an ex-public school student myself, I remember what socialization was like, and that's not why I would send my kids to school.