Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Project: Roman Roads

Roman roads today in Britain
Here is a fun and easy project to do at home, to demonstrate the engineering and construction of the ever-lasting Roman road.  It starts with a shoe box, glue and sand.

1. My kids sifted some sand from the backyard using my kitchen tools.

2. One child painted glue all over the inside of the shoe box lid, 
while another complained that she wanted to do it.

3. They sprinkled the sifted sand all across the glue and let it dry.

4.  Someone covered three-fourths of the sand with glue, 
and another covered the glue with aquarium gravel.  

5.  Ta-dah!  Let it dry.

6.  Next, they mixed plaster of Paris for half of the box.  
We used a piece of cardboard to keep the plaster from spreading past the halfway mark.

7.  Almost forgot to tell you: before we mixed the plaster, 
the kids collected flat stones from our backyard.  We have plenty of those available.

9.  And then they laid them immediately into the plaster because plaster dries very quickly.  
It would be ideal to have all different sizes for your road so you can fill in those small areas.  

10.  Then we let it dry.  

The point to layering the materials is so you can see the different steps.
They were supposed to cover one-forth of the plaster with stones, 
but I forgot to tell the kids, and they just kept going.

I found this great project at:


Amanda said...

Fantastic activity! It turned out great!

Ruth said...

Thanks! It was super easy, too.

Sharon Henning said...

What a fun and interesting thing to do. If I ever have more kids we'll have to try it. I think it would also make a good VBS or Sunday School project.