Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cal-Earth Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, Hesperia, California

When studying Roman architecture, Cal-Earth Institute of Earth Art and Architecture in Hesperia, California, is the best place to learn about the arch.  It is a kid's playground because it is so much fun; but while having fun, they also learn something: "The arch is strong."  Following are a lot of pictures from our adventures.

Playing on the arches:

Learning about sustainable living in dome structures that you can make yourself out of earth:

Climbing on the dome houses:

Or in the structure:

Or on the structure:

Some other structures:

The domes are made of sandbags filled with earth, piled into the shape of domes:

Sandbags are held together with barbed wire, like velcro:

Ways to bring in air and light:

Don't ever get caught saying the D-word (dirt):

A reading nook:

Demonstrating how strong an arch can be compared to a perpendicular frame:

A structure built by children in a day:

Some structures are covered in these:

A sky light:

This structure is made of bricks and has a special quality 
if you stand in the center and speak.    It echoes.

Our guide showing how to build an arch using bricks:

And now the kids try:

And succeed:

And test it:

The exteriors of other domes:

And finally, the three bedroom, two bath, two car garage structure with radiated heating and wind scoops:



Sharon Henning said...

This is simply an incredible photo tour of your homeschool trip. I had never even heard of such a place. The structures are both functional and beautiful. I think I would like to live in a house like those last photos. Thanks for sharing this!

Ruth said...



We live in the desert, so structures like this are so cool in the summer. And the kids love climbing all over them. They are amazing.

Amanda said...

So cool! I'm bummed we had to miss it.

Ruth said...

Amanda, Maybe someday you and your family will get to visit Cal Earth. They will love it.