Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Kid-Sized Odyssey Game

To close our Greek component, the kids gave presentations to the group.  Some of the topics included: 
a list of Greek-inspired names for current-day commercial businesses, 
a re-enactment of the Greek story of the sun god, 
a puppet show about Orion, 
Greek architecture, 
Macedonian armor, 
an explanation of who's who in Raphael's painting School of Athens
the story of Archimedes and the discovery of density, 
a presentation of a model of the Archimedean screw, 
a demonstration of liquid density, 
an excellent re-enacted sword battle, 
a contraption to get a warrior over a wall, 
a model of the solar system.  

Then we had an amazing Greek lunch, as usual.

(Except the really delicious salad is missing from this photo.)

Anyway, the best part of the day was the kid-sized Odyssey game that they played.  
Our host spray painted a trail of blue water and green islands to represent 
the journey Odysseus took in The Odyssey.  

The islands were labeled, and the goal was to make it to Ithaca, string your bow and shoot the target.  

The players are at the starting point of TROY. 

Each team consisted of three or four players.  
They each had a small Greek ship to mark their place.  But first they had to roll the enormous die.

After they moved their ship, and when they landed on an island, there was something they had to do.  For example, when they arrived at the Island of the Lotus people, they had to eat a fruit roll-up.  When they landed on the island of the Cyclops, they had to be silent.

Then they had to catch a ball with numbers on it.  
The place where their right thumb landed was the number they called out, 
and those numbers corresponded with an act.  
For example, there were funeral games: 

a race...

jumping jacks,

or arm wrestling.

Sometimes they were caught in Scylla's whirlpool and had to spin for thirty seconds.

When they reached this island (and I forgot which one it was), 
they had to have a tug-of-war with an opposing team.

Of course, at Circe's island, they had to drink juice and act like a pig.

When they came to the Underworld, they had to eat pomegranate seeds.  They all loved that.

Getting close to Ithaca!

And now it is time to string the bow and shoot the target.

Everyone gets a turn.

It was such a fun day!
And now we move on to our final component: Ancient Rome.
Our opening day takes us back to The Getty Villa.
See you there!

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