Sunday, April 12, 2015

Back to the Getty Villa

When deciding what to do for our opening Rome component, it was agreed that we [return] to The Getty Villa.  This time we turned it into a scavenger hunt, which was easily created with images and titles of works collected from either my photos or from The Getty, and the kids had to check off the items they found as they toured the museum.  Long story short, here are a few more beautiful sights at The Getty Villa.

ceiling in inner peristyle
mosaic floor

I just like this guy's face.

ceiling of basilica

a mirror

ceiling of outside peristyle
Following is an area where the kids can make scenes using weapons or masks, write on pottery, and some other activities.  It's an interactive area, obviously.

Our animated group outside in the garden.  It rained the day before, hence the water in the empty pool, otherwise it is sadly dry, thanks to the drought.

Visiting with Mercury:
smelling his winged sandal...

posing with him...

or being the subject of his glance...

The pool in the herb garden is a kid magnet:

I learned this is Silenos riding on a wineskin:

There are plenty of reasons to appreciate The Getty Villa.
 If those listed weren't enough, don't forget pomegranates...

and gorgeous works of art:


Amanda said...

We were sad to miss this fun field trip. We hope to make it there soon and we'll have to use your scavenger hunt. Your pictures are gorgeous, btw.

Ruth said...

Amanda, We missed you guys (and Sadie's family), too. I tried to share my document to our Group, but the pictures are too big. So, somehow I need to get a copy to you and Sadie. ????