Monday, March 30, 2015

The Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades, California

We love the Getty Villa, in Pacific Palisades.  It always fits in nicely during our Greek and Roman studies.  Basically, if you are reading through Homer's Iliad and The Odyssey, and Virgil's Aeneid, the Getty Villa is the perfect place to visit.  While the Villa was modeled after a Roman villa from Herculaneum, it tells the stories from Antiquity: about Achilles, the War at Troy, Odysseus, and Aeneas, or the founding of Rome.  We love the atmosphere, where everything is beautiful to look at.

Here are some of the artifacts on display:

A sarcophagus featuring Scenes From the Life of Achilles:

Venus, or Aphrodite to the Greeks:

Storage jar with the Judgement of Paris:

Red and black figure Greek vases:

Look at the detail of the floor:



Corinthian style columns:

The garden is our favorite:

Mercury, or Hermes to the Greeks:

Still in the garden:

Unfortunately, the pools and most fountains were turned off due to the drought:

Except this fountain was still going due to the plant life:

 A mosaic fountain:

Floor detail:

I love this sculpture:

Checking out Greek or Roman armor: 
My son was explaining to his dad why the helmet was green.

Upper view of the garden pool:

We always have to stop in the gift shop. 
Head of Medusa and a Roman helmet:

And one can never see enough pools with lily pads:

This fountain was great:

There is also an herb garden, which was just as beautiful.  
So many beautiful flowers and trees to see:

And on the way out, we have to take pictures of the Pacific Ocean
because we're desert people, and we only see the ocean about once a year.  So this was it.

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