Monday, February 23, 2015

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, by Jeanne Fulbright

I love this science series by Jeanne Fulbright.  It is perfect for elementary age students.  We are slowly making our way through this one, Exploring Creation with Astronomy.  Since we just completed the chapter on Mars, we had an opportunity to build the Olympus Mons volcano. 

First, we had to make a dough to build up the volcano.

Then it was built up around a medium size plastic bottle, like for vitamins. 

The kids covered it in rocks, and we left it overnight to harden.

The next day, it was ready.

First, it was filled halfway with warm water.

Then we added a couple of drops of red food coloring...

some dish soap...

and baking soda...

and vinegar.

And then this happened.  It wasn't a giant explosion, but a nice little flow of pink foam.  

This was perfect.  It was super easy and not messy at all.  
Kids love making volcanoes, and moms like when there isn't a mess.

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