Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chronicles of a Homeschool Mom's Mind, No. 1

I've been thinking: I need to utilize this blog.  

When I meet new people and they learn that I homeschool, usually they are extremely gracious to me; but for one occasion, I have never been met with scorn or hostility for my decision. 

Homeschooling is so common that the new acquaintance usually shares that she knows someone who homeschools, too. But sometimes there is a little gleam in their eye that tells me they are thinking the same thing as me: "Homeschooling?  What in the world are you thinking?"  Yeah, I still have those thoughts, too.  It's ok.

So that is what I want to examine: what am I thinking?  

No two days are exactly alike.  Today I was so excited that we completed the bulk of our scheduled work by 2 PM.  Yeah, we actually beat the public school kids going home on the school bus, passing down our street!  

It is a joy to see my six- and seven-year olds initiate P.E. on their own, as they take to their bikes in our spacious backyard.  Yeah, they choose to ride barefoot.  They do this for a good half hour or more.

When I read from The Wanderings of Odysseus: The Story of "The Odyssey," by Rosemary Sutcliff, my seven-year old asked me if he could make something Odyssey related with his Legos, which I agreed.  When I was done reading, he shared a model of Odysseus trying to throw a rock back at the Cyclops, which is not part of the story, but is how my son rectified the unfortunate situation for Odysseus' sake.   

Odysseus avenging himself against the Cyclops
For lunch, my kids made their own lunch, which was raviolis.  My six-year old ate three helpings of salad, demolishing all of my favorite lettuce mix.  She genuinely argued that she wanted to be healthy.  There are no Michelle Obama-approved lunches served in this house!

Our Bible studies have been so awesome.  In the past I have tried to institute Bible studies, but they fizzled out.  This year I started a five-day reading program to get through the New Testament in one year.  We sit together, while I read aloud one chapter, stopping to discuss questions and meanings. Then I print out a paragraph for my younger two children to copy, and I dictate a paragraph to my ten-year old so she can work on her cursive, grammar, and spelling skills.  Then we correct them.

I look forward to the end of our school day, too, because I get to finish my chores, exercise, and maybe even read for pleasure.  So if you'll excuse me, I am going to enjoy the laundry now and then do a little P90 before I begin dinner.

And that is what this homeschool mom has been thinking.

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