Saturday, October 18, 2014

San Diego Natural History Museum, The Discovery King Tut

Starting out at sunrise for San Diego:

The Discovery of King Tut at the San Diego Natural History Museum:

Open, open, open...

Everything in the exhibit is a replica.
Here is the Rosetta Stone:

A statue of Tutankhamun:

Photo of Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon, 
who spent decades searching for Tut's tomb:

Because we could not use flash, 
I was unable to get any good shots of items in the treasure and ante chambers.  
But here is one item from the ante chamber:

This is the size of the shrine that Tut's tomb was found inside: 
(It was a shrine inside of a shrine inside of another shrine!)

The first of three sarcophaguses: 

The middle one is in the forefront:

Carvings of the underside of the feet of the first sarcophagus:

The burial mask that went over Tut's mummy:

The backside of the mask:

And the replica of the mummy:

Shoes that went over the mummy's feet:

And other replicas of items found within the tomb:

A shield:

The throne:

Detail of the throne:

And finally our return home at sunset:

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