Thursday, October 23, 2014

Closing Egyptian Day Presentations 2014

Part of the Epic Adventure is closing a component with student presentations.  
Yesterday we ended our Egyptian component, and the kids presented their projects to the group.  

My nine-year old likes to make books, and she retold the story of Joseph...

complete with watercolor illustrations.

My six-year old did a report on color and light, tying in the idea that Joseph had a coat of many colors and because we studied the sun and light and color in astronomy.

My seven-year old made a salt-dough map of Egypt and added important cities and landmarks.

And my fourteen-year old retold the Egyptian creation story using stuffed animals, 
which was perfect entertainment for her audience.

We also had presentations on:

the story of Moses, complete with song
Anubis , protector of tombs
Egyptian boats
an oral report on the Nile
the Egyptian game Senet 
the Norse creation story via Powerpoint
presentation on cryptology
mummification experiment, complete with mummified apples
an oral report on mummification and burial
Egyptian weapons used in hunting
another salt dough map of Egypt.

Here are some of the projects:

Group shot:

Come back shortly, as we embark on our voyage to Greece very soon... 


Amanda said...

That map is great! Your kids are so creative.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Amanda. It wasn't the same w/o your family.