Monday, July 28, 2014

Little House on the Prairie, Independence, Kansas

We made it to the Little House on the Prairie Museum and log cabin replica in Independence, Kansas.  Yay!

This is the view from the front of the little log cabin, across the way.  
Yep, it's a prairie:

Before entering the property:

This is a replica of the little cabin.  It is much smaller than I had imagined.

The fireplace:

The china shepherdess that Ma displayed on the mantle: 

One corner of the cabin:

Another corner:

And another:

And the last corner:

On site, there is also the original Wayside, Kansas, post office:

And this is the original one-room schoolhouse from Sunny Side, used in 1872 to 1947, although there is no connection to the Ingalls family:

Good bye, Little House.

Next: Our visit to Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri.


Jeanne said...

What a great field trip after your Little House year!

Marianne said...

Very cool!!