Friday, June 6, 2014

Farmer Boy Party

The Little House year has come an end.  We closed with a Farmer Boy party, since Farmer Boy was practically the final book in the series that we had read.  The Prairie Primer provides numerous activities and science experiments to choose from for Farmer Boy.  

To begin with, we reviewed the nutritional chart and discussed food groups, before eating lunch.  

Then we served chicken pot pies, strawberries, apple turnover, pound cake, and homemade egg nog.  Oh, and taffy.

Then Gianna gave a presentation on the properties of solids, liquids, and gases.

Later we did this experiment: place two ice cubes into a ziplock bag (solid), place the bag in the sun to melt (liquid), and then add two Alka-seltzer pills to the melted ice and close it up quickly to watch it expand (gas); but be careful because it can explode!  Ours did.

We also enjoyed a presentation about the Ingalls and Wilder families and what happened to them after the Little House stories.

And finally we had a presentation on the parts of leaves, which the kids had to label. 

This was definitely a memorable year for me (Mom), and I know my kids will also remember the stories about the prairie and the people whom we read about.  In fact, I know for certain we will read through the Little House books over and over again.

And thanks to our friends for making our Little House year an amazing adventure!

There is also one more "to do" connected to our journey, with Laura Ingalls, that I have planned: a trip to Independence, Kansas, to see the replica of the log cabin in Little House on the Prairie, and a trip to Rocky Ridge Farm, the final home of Laura and Almanzo Wilder.  We are planning to do this this summer.

In the meantime, I am already planning our next school year: our adventures will take us to Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  I am already excited!


Jeanne said...

Ruth, your Little House year will be a treasure for you and your children to cherish.

"Golden years are passing by.
These happy golden years."

Ruth said...

Thanks, Jeanne. It definitely will.

a reader said...

This sounds so fun. :)