Sunday, March 9, 2014

Prairie Primer: These Happy Golden Years and Courting

While using the Prairie Primer to study from the Little House series, each book presents an opportunity to focus on a main idea or topic.  

For example, Little House on the Prairie emphasizes the study of American Indians, and last month, during Little Town on the Prairie, we studied the American Presidents.  

This month we are reading through These Happy Golden Years, and a major topic is courting.  This is too heavy for my five- and six- year olds, but it isn't for my nine- and fourteen-year olds.  I skip over those questions in the Prairie Primer with my little ones and reserve them for Sundays when I sit down with my older girls to discuss it with them.  

In addition, we are reading Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally.  A few years ago, I found this book while visiting the Duggar's Family Website and knew I wanted to read it to my girls. It is told as a fictional story about a princess in a kingdom with kings and knights; then the author addresses the issues within the story about purity, waiting on and trusting God's timing for meeting someone for marriage, courting, the dangers of dating, and a lot more. There are also activities in the book to talk about and do with your daughter to explore these topics further.  I like how the author addresses those awful "arranged marriages" in a different light: that is. . . a marriage arranged by God. 

This is a great resource if you are ready to discuss what your expectations are for your daughter and how she can protect her heart and future by making godly decisions now.

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