Saturday, February 22, 2014

Presidential Exam~Little House Birthday Party~Electromagnet Telegraph

At the end of our Little Town on the Prairie week, we wrapped up with a presidential examination, just like Laura and Carrie did with their school in front of the community - although the community, in our case, was Daddy. For the last two weeks, the kids have been memorizing the presidential historical reviews listed in The Prairie Primer.  And this day they had to repeat them to Dad.

My 5-year old recited George Washington through Thomas Jefferson.

My 6-year old recited James Madison through Andrew Jackson.

My 9-year old recited Martin Van Buren through Franklin Pierce.
(My kids like to dress up in costumes.)

And my 14-year old (not pictured) recited James Buchanan through Chester Arthur.

Then it was time for our surprise.  We served white cake and orange "flowers," just like at the birthday party that Laura attended in Little Town.

Of course, these were difficult to make because the oranges were thick-skinned.  
My 14-year old improvised.

And this white cake had cool whip/chocolate pudding mix frosting, as opposed to the white frosting in the story.  Nonetheless, it tasted very yummy.

And finally, we had a successful attempt at the electromagnet telegraph, thanks to Dad.

When you press the single metal piece down to make contact with the screw... sends a current of electricity through the wires to the nails, magnetizing them, bringing the metal piece above the nails down to touch them, making a noise.

Yay!  It works!

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