Tuesday, December 3, 2013

By the Shores of Silver Lake

Laura Ingalls
A personal story about someone is always more amusing and lasting if you know that person.  Laura Ingalls Wilder writes in a way that makes you feel like you know her very well because she shares her most sincere, personal, and intimate thoughts and feelings throughout her writing.

While reading chapter 8, "Silver Lake," Pa warned his girls, Laura and Carrie, to "...keep away from the camp" (where the railroad men were working).  Pa told them that "...rough men [were] working on the grade and using rough language..."

And Laura writes:

"Yes, Pa," Laura promised, and Carrie almost whispered, "Yes, Pa."  Carrie's eyes were large and frightened.  She did not want to hear rough language, whatever rough language might be.  Laura would have liked to hear some, just once, but of course she must obey Pa.
Oh, how candid Laura is about her inner thoughts!  To have been able to hear rough language, just once.

Laura's honesty gave us such a great laugh.

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