Friday, December 13, 2013

A Little House on the Prairie Christmas

With By the Shores of Silver Lake complete and Christmas around the corner, we celebrated with a Little House prairie-style Christmas party.  First the kids made button strings.

Making button strings
Then they played "Kitty wants a corner."  This was a lot like musical chairs, without the music, and since we had eleven playing, we used ten bean bags to mark different places in the room for corners.  One player stands in the middle of the room and calls, "Kitty wants a corner," and all the kids run to a different corner, including the caller, until one person is left out.  That person becomes the next caller.

"Kitty wants a corner."

Another game we learned was cat's cradle.  You can find helpful directions how to play it HERE on Youtube.

Our hostess did a beautiful job setting the tables just like Ma would have.  Everyone had a cup of egg nog and a Christmas stocking, which included Christmas candy and a Christmas penny.

Dinner included:
roasted turkey and stuffing
mashed potato
bread and gravy
sour pickles
popcorn and popcorn balls
heart-shaped Christmas cakes
and homemade apple pie

RECIPE HERE: Heart-shaped Christmas cakes

After dinner, the kids sat down to make clove apples.  They wrapped the apple with ribbon and held the ribbon in place with pins.  Then they poked holes with toothpicks to make a design in the apple and added the cloves.

One other game they learned was "Bean porridge hot."  Finally, it was time to clean up and say "Merry Christmas!"

Until next year and our next adventure !

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