Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Little House Cookbook: Pumpkin Pie

One thing I can say for certain about our Little House year is that it has inspired us to do more hands-on things.  Recently, my girls started doing latch hook rugs, and I even completed a needlepoint project, albeit not great - but the fact that I did it at all is attributed to this year.  

My fourteen-year old is much more ambitious than I am in the hands-on department, and she wanted to make her very own pumpkin pie from scratch.  She used The Little House Cookbook and the pumpkin that my husband bought for Halloween, which we never carved.  

Dad, who loves pumpkin pie, helped with the carving.  He was eager to get this project started.

First, the pumpkin rhine had to be removed and the flesh cut up and cubed.

My eight-year old got started on the pie crust.  

And then it was rolled out to fit nicely into the pie tin, although they used a cake pan instead.

The pumpkin cubes were stewed on the stovetop until bubbly.

Here is where they deviated from the recipe, and a blender was used to puree the pumpkin.

Meanwhile, eggs, sugar, and spices were whisked together.

Then the pumpkin puree was added to the egg mixture.

Of course, the mixture is then added to the pie crust and put into the oven to bake.  When finished, it looked like this:

The cookbook says it should be eaten warm, not cold, so the cool whip started to melt.  But Dad was the first to try it, and he said it was good enough to make and bring to someone's house.  He did say they could have used a little more sugar, but that could be a personal taste since it came from someone who loves sweets. 

I am really proud of my girls for trying this.  I will have you know that I did not participate very much at all, except for taking pictures and assisting with pouring the extra pumpkin puree into ziplock bags for future pies.  They did this all on their own.  


Katie Sheasby said...

How cool! Isn't this study just wonderful. We were going to make a real pumpkin pie too, but ran out of time. After Thanksgiving we will be making one using canned pumpkin, but it will still be my 10 year olds first time making a pie. It looks like the did a wonderful job!

Ruth said...

Well, there is plenty of time for pumpkin pie, even after Thanksgiving. Have fun!