Friday, November 8, 2013

Prairie Primer: Plum Creek: Week Two

We are halfway through On the Banks of Plum Creek, and Laura, 8, and Mary, 9, must attend school for the very first time.  They had to walk two and a half miles to town.  Barefoot.

On the way, Laura sees a beautiful blue heron.  I had my kids draw one in their journals.
Vin, age 6

Eva, age 5

Sophia, age 8
We have never seen a blue heron around here.  But we did get to see a majestic-looking Cooper's hawk sitting on our fence the other day.  It visits us often.

Cooper's hawk
Laura describes the fish trap that Pa made and the fish they caught and ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Spring had come, and Pa would not hunt baby animals and their mothers.  So we made a fish mobile with gold painted fish decorated with sequence and jewels.  I sure wish I had silver paint and glitter, but we are out of a lot of art supplies since last year's art year. 

A fish mobile: the end result
This week, we also made starlight catchers out of construction paper, just like Ma and the girls did. 
Starlight catcher
We are also working on our nine patch square quilts for the very first time in our whole lives.  My girls do not have a crafty mommy who sews or crochets, so this is a whole new world.  I'll share the end results of those when we finish.  We are also waiting on our butterflies to come.  They are in their chrysalis stages right now.  More on that later. 

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