Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Prairie Primer: Plum Creek: Sewing Patch Quilt Pillows

As I was reviewing the Prairie Primer over the summer, I was excited about doing this with my girls. I had no idea how I would lead them when I, myself, cannot even sew a straight line; but I figured whatever they accomplished, I would be glad we at least tried it.

A friend of mine gave us a bag of old scrap material to pick through, and the kids cut out their patches.

They would need nine square patches to make the quilt pillow. 

I was unsure about showing my five-year old how to sew, but she insisted on doing it herself. Since she gets tired after a short while, I told her she could do a little every day; but I wanted her to finish the job herself, as long as it took.

My fourteen-year old completed hers in one day, as seen above and below.

And the next day she finished the backing and the stuffing.  It's so cute.


My six-year old wanted to sew his own pillow, too, otherwise I was not going to push the issue.  So he cut out his squares and sewed them every day.

He truly enjoyed himself.

My eight-year old had to try a 12-patch quilt pillow.


And, my baby completed hers, too!



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