Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birds in the California Desert

We love birds, and reading about the birds that Laura Ingalls heard and saw as a pioneer girl gets us excited about the birds that visit our yard or our area.  We have several bird guide books that we use to identify the birds according to their markings and colors.  And since doing this, we have been really surprised at the range of birds that we have been able to see.  We thought pigeons and sparrows were our only visitors.

Following are just a few pictures of birds we have been able to take while in our yard or area.  We also enjoy mockingbirds, woodpeckers, and thrashers and a mystery bird of bright colors that visits once in awhile that we have yet to identify.


Warbler picking up bread

Cooper's Hawk
This little hummingbird was on our porch one stormy night, and he would not leave.  So we kept him overnight in our butterfly habitat until morning when we released him.  He stayed in my daughter's hands for awhile before taking off.

Costa's Humingbird

Costa's Humingbird

American Robin

Western Tanager

Western Tanager and mate

Black Phoebe

Juniper Titmouse
Ok, we live in the California desert, but we took this photo of a roadrunner while driving through Arizona.  However, roadrunners are common or were common in our community, though I am sure their numbers have dropped since our population growth.
House Finch hanging out on the fort

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