Monday, October 28, 2013

Prairie Primer: Indian Party

Last week we completed Little House on the Prairie and closed out the month with an Indian-themed party.  The kids shared a distinctive characteristic about an American Indian tribe or nation.  For example, we learned that the totem pole was not a universal Indian symbol, but rather was used by Pacific Northwest tribes, such as the Chinook.  And we learned that the popular dream catcher is unique to the Ojibway tribe, although commercialism has made it common within many Native American cultures.

The kids then watched an American Indian tell a Native American tale (via DVD).

Next, there were crafts, such as drawing horses and making beaded necklaces.

And later we had a feast with grilled trout, corn on the cob, corn bread, wild rice, berries and pumpkin pie without the whip cream to keep it authentic.

By the way, we did make the Indian headdresses, but I shared with the kids that those are very sacred pieces of attire for the Native American because it symbolizes certain accomplishments of bravery and courage.  We read about the kinds of feathers that warriors could wear once they earned them.  It is like military clothing; you wouldn't wear a military uniform out unless you passed the test to become a soldier, right? 

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Angelic Scalliwags said...

We are thinking about doing some native American stuff next year. I love all the activities and the dress up. Especially the dress up. So much fun!