Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Prairie Primer: Week One

Week one of the Prairie Primer is complete.  My favorite time was spent reading through Little House in the Big Woods.  Even my soon-to-be five-year shared out loud while I was reading, "I wish you could read the whole thing right now!"  (I did, too.)

But we must read a chapter and discuss and do projects that correspond with topics covered. Here are some topics covered this week:
- manners and jealousy
- parental authority and obedience
- animal classification 
- grizzly bears and owls and brindle bulldogs 
- metaphors and similes 

And here are some projects we had accomplished, too:

Making Homemade Butter

This was most fun!
Shaking the cream

It worked!

Draining the buttermilk

Homemade butter
Dissecting Owl Pellets

I explained that the owl pellet was undigested bone, fur, and feathers from animals eaten whole and then regurgitated by the owl.  My oldest called it a giant fur ball.  This was most interesting and garnered plenty of excitement from the students.  Owl pellets ordered from Acorn Naturalists.

A skull

"I found a bone!"

Trying to use the magnifying glass

Using the bone chart to match bones found in pellets

The Corn Cob Doll

Not my favorite, but the kids anticipated doing this and thought it was fun.

Corn cob doll
Our attempt at making molasses-on-snow candy was a flop.  I even made shaved ice to simulate the snow.  Nonetheless, the kids said the results tasted good; it just did not have the right consistency.

A Daniel Boone coonskin cap:

This is not part of the Prairie Primer, however, we just finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows, and suddenly my son wants to be a hunter.  Since I do not have period clothing for him to wear during our school year, at least not yet, I made him a coonskin cap with directions that I had found on another blog, Country Mom at Home.  Now everyone wants one.

A Daniel Boone coonskin cap


Angelic Scalliwags said...

What a wonderful time you are having. I shall enjoy watching how your year progresses. I love, love, love your wagon. That is seriously cool stuff!!

Audrey McNair said...

I just came across your blog as I am looking for ideas to go with Prairie Primer. We are starting it next week! I'll be back to look through all your PP posts!

Ruth said...

We had such a great time that year, using the Prairie Primer. It is an excellent resource. Enjoy your school year!!