Sunday, September 22, 2013

Riley's Apple Farm in Oak Glen, CA

Week three using the Prairie Primer :
We visited Riley's Apple Farm in Oak Glen, which offers a four-hour Homeschool Day tour.

Mr. Riley begins the tour with a few pioneer songs and has the students participate by trying their hand at some homemade instruments, like washtub bass, washboard, jugs, and triangle.  

Then the kids visit the log cabin to experience hand washing and hanging clothes,

writing with quill pens and ink,

panning for gold,

sawing logs,

erecting a mini log cabin,

using an old fashioned water pump,

watering the garden,

learning how to get a spark for a fire using flint and material,

archery for the older ones,

picking apples for apple cider,

and enjoying a fun hay ride at the very end of a long, hot day.

There were other activities, as well, such as peeling and slicing apples to dry in the sun, making old fashion coffee, grinding corn, playing a pioneer game, and making kazoos out of wooden sticks.  

And there are tasty honey sticks in the store to try before you leave.

Thanks, Riley's, for a great experience!

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