Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Who teaches you?"..... "My mother."

Bill Burgess:
Mother and Child Reading
I love to read stories that demonstrate examples of homeschooling.  We have been reading Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  It's not Little House on the Prairie, but it takes place in the 1930s in the Ozarks, which is where and when Laura Ingalls Wilder published most of her stories. Much of the vocabulary is similar.

So here is the excerpt, where Billy is watching boys playing around a schoolhouse in town:

One boy, spying me standing on the corner, came over. Looking me up and down, he asked, "Do you go to school here?"

I said, "School?"

He said, "Sure. School.  What did you think it was?"

Mother and Child
"Oh. No. I don't go to school here."

"Do you go to Jefferson?"

"No. I don't go there either."

"Don't you go to school at all?"

"Sure I go to school."


"At home."

"You go to school at home?"

Mary Cassatt
Reading to Grandchildren

  I nodded.

  "What grade are you in?"

  I said I wasn't in any grade.

  Puzzled, he said, "You go to school at home, and don't know what grade you're in.  Who     teaches you?"

  "My mother."

  "What does she teach you?"
Frederick Warren Freer:
Mother and Child Reading

I said, "Reading, writing, and arithmetic, and I bet I'm just as good as it as you are."

He asked, "Don't you have any shoes?"

I said, "Sure, I have shoes."

"Why aren't you wearing them?"

"I don't wear shoes until it gets cold."

He laughed and asked where I lived.

I said, "Back in the hills."

He said, "Oh, you're a hillbilly."

George Dunlap Leslie:
Alice in Wonderland

He ran back to the mob.  I saw him pointing at me and talking to several boys.  They started my way yelling, "Hillbilly, hillbilly."

Just before they reached me, a bell started ringing.  Turning, they ran to the front of the building, lined up in two long lines, and marching like little tin soldiers disappeared inside the school.

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