Sunday, August 25, 2013

We have a covered wagon!

I asked my husband if he could make us a covered wagon.
He found some old cabinet doors in the rafters and put together the frame of the wagon.

Then he used PVC pipe for the frame that will hold the canvas, which I will borrow from another homeschool mom who did a pioneer year a long time ago.  I'll get that later.

We put the wagon frame in our school room.

Immediately the kids began making it their own, 
placing blankets on the floor and talking about when they will sleep in it 
and how we will read inside.  
There was even discussion of placing wheels on it and riding it down the street.  
No talk of mules, yet.  Whew!

One more week before our journey begins!


Tori said...

So exciting!

Jeanne said...

It looks super!

Amanda said...

That's awesome! I'd would've loved that as a girl!

Jessica Murphy said...

How did he make the PVC pipe to bend?

Ruth said...

My husband said that it was 1/2 inch SCH 40. Small enough to bend.
Hope that helps.