Friday, August 16, 2013

Little House in the Ozarks: "Not So Bad Off" - 1922

I love this:  Laura Ingalls Wilder is writing about education in her part of the country compared to education in the cities:

In our schoolhouse, where stoves are still unjacketed, the children meet one day out of seven to receive religious training.

In the city, where children are supposed to have everything, thousands are growing up without the most important part of an education -- proper home training.

We country mothers, realizing the dearth of so-called advantages, strive that at least home and neighbor influences shall be of the best.

Because it takes us all to make a go of any cooperative work or pastime, we learn to work harmoniously together.  This is good for the children to see.

We read good books.  We have our community sings.  Also, we have prayer meetings where young mother's pray and where boys and girls get up and say:
"Lord, that I may be a little kinder,
a little braver to meet temptation,
a little more thoughtful of my neighbor."
The object of all education is to make folks fit to live.  I guess we are not so bad off.

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