Saturday, May 11, 2013

Preparing for our Little House Year

This photo, taken several years ago at the San Bernardino County Fair, is of three of my kids trying on pioneer clothes for fun.  But come fall, they are probably going to be tired of wearing bonnets, long dresses, and no shoes.  

No, I know my kids . . . they won't. 

Preparing for the Prairie

I almost cannot wait!  It is time to start planning for our Little House Year.  Join our blog to keep up with our adventures beginning this fall as pioneers on the vast prairie of learning and living right here in our Mighty Fortress at home.


Anonymous said...

Ruth, This sounds like such a FUN school year! I'm really excited to keep track of how you are doing through out the year from this blog. You are amazing and your kids are so lucky to have you for a Mom! :)--Nicki Smithson

Ruth said...

Thank you, Nicki, for your generous, kind words. We shall see how it goes this year...