Monday, November 23, 2020

Still November 2020 Part II


Three weeks into November, and we still do not know the true results of the U.S. presidential election. Well, I think a lot of us DO know that President Donald Trump won, but that there has been a successful concerted artificial effort to suppress the truth. 

After 2000 - after the close presidential election in Florida between Bush and Gore - efforts were made to prevent future discrepancies with butterfly ballots and hanging chads; hence, some thought it was a good idea to roll out electronic voting. Gee, even I knew that was a bad idea! Twenty years later, butterfly ballots and hanging chads would be good about now. 

When humans counted votes.

I never thought - NEVER EVER - in my lifetime that America would be faced with the threat of a totalitarian government - call it Communism, Fascism, or Authoritarianism; they're all the same to me because they stand on the premise of zero personal liberty, zero freedom of thought or opinion, zero mobility, zero privacy, zero personal property, and always the threat of loss of life. Always. Why do you think those regimes suffer from continuous assassinations and imprisonments at the top? Because under such regimes, no one trusts anyone else. They live in constant fear and paranoia, even at the top. 

My children and I are reading Communism: An American's View by Gerald W. Johnson, published in the 1960s. My 12-year old asked, "Why would anyone support Communism?" (in reference to Americans supporting Democrats today, as I have clearly pointed out to my children that the Democrat party is NOT democratic, but rather totalitarian and Marxist in principle). I then expressed to her that the people in power who support Communist ideals think it is equal to more power for themselves, but most voters do not understand what it means because they are ignorant or ill-informed. Selfishly they believe they are promised a better life, but if they were educated and informed by history and truth, they would outright reject such principles because they are lies.

So here we are in 2020, stuck at a crossroads. We are in a war for America's last breath (I think we lost Her soul already), and I am simply conflicted. To what degree do we fight? Do we just turn our backs and let this shameless and blatantly criminal element take over our government? If they succeed in walking away with this election, no Conservative-minded or liberty-loving Libertarian will EVER have a chance. And all of those Republicans are about to lose their heads, and they know it. All that is left to preserve this nation are the patriot loving Americans. What do we do? How do we get out of this? How do we save America? 

Ocasio-Cortez demands
Biden deliver on Green New Deal

Do you see that little girl (I can say that because I'm old) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? She has only begun her lifetime political career. She'll remain in government until she is older than Nancy Pelosi. That's because these people NEVER leave government once they are in. Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the Democrat party - young and ignorant and disinterested, disconnected to, and disloyal to the U.S. Constitution, its unique history, and precious values. She has already moved to threaten the "in-coming" puppets of the unlikeable Kamala Harris and her dementia-patient presidential candidate, Joe Biden. (Both individuals are equally pliable and haven't a conviction to stand on!)

Ocasio-Cortez represents the fanatical and violent faction of the new generation of young people who expect to get what they demand. And her demands are extremist and reprehensible, especially in regards to the environment, which when examined has nothing to do with the environment and every thing to do with identity politics. She is like the drunk friend who wants to be the designated driver. You don't want her at the wheel! But everyone is afraid to tell her: "NO!."

The other day I was reading a book blog post about the election, and the blogger was totally upset about the "Republicans trying to steal the election" and that "President Trump permitted over 200K Americans to die of Covid" because he did nothing. She said anyone who commented in defense of Trump would be deleted. So I commented. Yes, I was deleted. 

It is not the first time I have been deleted for posting contrary comments on a democratic blogger's blog. It always cracks me up how difficult it is for Democrats to accept opinions different from their own. And therein lies a major problem in America today. The new Democrat only wants one view presented, one voice heard, and rejects all opposition. This is very totalitarian in nature. It means it is the end of free thought or the exchange of ideas. It is the end of problem solving and solutions. It is the end of free speech, press, and definitely certain religions. It is the end of individual creativity. It is the end of First Amendment protections that some of us hold very dear and know make life in America unique and desirous. 

I have Democrat family members and friends, and I see them engaged over one issue...especially my teacher friends because it is all about the unions; and the unions tell them how to vote. So no freedom there. I've had friends uninvitingly share opposing opinions but never want to hear my rebuttal, and so shut down the discussion. 

And I know family members who emotionally react to accusations and believe what they are told to think by the TV news, instead of first investigating claims on their own and thinking through assertions, including the ramifications of ALL THE OTHER ISSUES affected when supporting those who hate liberty and freedom. 

Voluntary totalitarianism is already practiced on social and general media, which is why I had to exit Twitter and Facebook. Instagram is also practicing the fact-checking on speech and expression, issuing their own corrections attached to posts that may mention anything political or about the election. It's like helicopter parenting, and that it isn't annoying to the very people doing it is quite disturbing. 

When I was ten, I was cognizant for the first time how free I was and that I lived in a free country - maybe the freest in the world. And I was happy about it. Even grateful.

Forty years later, I never thought I'd be alive to see us at the actual crossroad. I thought we would never reach it in my lifetime, fool that I am. I mean, I always knew we were headed there, and I did what I could to change the tide. 

But here we are now, and I've never felt so sad for my country and the future. 

So now what? 

P.S. I welcome opposing views and civil debate. The ONLY reason I would delete you is if you are unable to hold a fair and humane exchange of ideas, using personal attacks and foul language. 

Saturday, November 7, 2020

November 2020

Have you ever had to do something you absolutely did not want to do, but HAD no choice, and thence you put on a good face - a fraudulent smile - for the sake of others, but in your gut knew it was utterly unnatural and even made you nauseous?

Yes, it is still 2020. And we all have to.


When I last left off, it was September. My girls experienced their first live 5-day YouTube dance recitals at a large church, while family and friends watched from the safety of their homes on their electronic devices. The makeshift dance floor the studio had constructed for the dancers was too slippery for tap or pointe shoes, and many girls slipped while dancing, and some lost their feet from under them. To counter the issue, the teachers overcorrected with various methods, causing the floor to be too sticky, whereas  numerous dancers lost their ballet shoes directly off their feet, as they continued dancing in stockinged feet while their shoes lay fastened to the floor. Thankfully, everyone was laughing.



I totally blame the California governor for the awkward complications, but we all went along with it and kept applauding.

November is the time my girls prepare for live Nutcracker performances for December, though it won't happen this year because gathering is still not permitted in California. Therefore, the studio is concocting a performance someplace, and it will be recorded and made available to families thereafter. 

Today, in fact, my son is finally having his "spring piano recital," originally scheduled for last April. His instructor has been doing Zoom lessons with her students since March and has decided their recital will also be via Zoom. Family and friends can tune in and watch. So that is today. 


Let me get this out of the way lest I be thought an ostrich with her head in the sand. Yes, I understand about the virus. Last month I know someone whose husband died because of it. Also, my friend and her daughter got it. They recovered at home, but my friend ended up in the hospital with double pneumonia. They gave her hydroxychloriquine and sent her home the next morning. She said she should have not spent so much time inactive while she had Covid because, she believes, it is what brought on her pneumonia. I know one young man who is still testing positive after six months! He is depressed because he has been quarantined for so long and cannot be reunited with his wife. He's well, but he's stuck in Florida, unable to go anywhere, and he won't be able to until he gets a negative test. So absolutely strange! 

I know others, too, who have tested positive, but all have recovered at home, except my uncle back in NY. His granddaughter, a nurse, exposed via Covid patients, brought it home and infected her father, brother, and grandparents.  What concerned us all was his co-morbidities: age, weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, smoker, cancer, and beginning stages of COPD. On paper, my uncle should not have survived. And this was back in April when they were intubating everyone and killing them. Instead, thank God, they put him on oxygen and administered hydroxychloriquine. After twelve days, he tested negative and went home. He gave all the glory to God. 

My point is, I know this virus is out there and it is spreading very easily. However, we know so much more about it now, how to care for severe patients if they end up in doctor's care or even a hospital. Therefore, hospitals are no longer threatened to full capacity, nor are deaths looming. People are mainly recovering at home, to start, and if they need care, we know better how to help them survive it. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say Covid has reached levels of seasonal flu; but even better, at least so far, children and young people, especially healthy people, have shown themselves to be extremely resilient to Covid, whereas seasonal flu does not discriminate. 

Of course, this does not diminish the pain people have from the loss of loved ones because of Covid, but we need to use reason, and we've been living extremely unreasonably for far too long. It is taking its toll. 

But, we're all fine. Keep smiling...behind your mask, if you wear one. 


I will admit that I am shocked and disappointed about the U.S. presidential election. I am sure there are often shenanigans during elections, but I never believe it is enough to make a difference in either direction. However, this year, many states vied for mail-in ballots -- never tried before! In fact, our governor swiftly and executively decided every actively registered voter was going to vote by mail regardless, and he proceeded to mail out millions and millions of ballots months ago. He did not stop to evaluate the ramifications of what he was doing. Suddenly, copycat governors followed suit. What has resulted is an unconvincing presidential election with so many disparities; it's insulting! America's incompetent election process is fundamentally Third-world. 


I said I am disappointed -- yes...because Trump was not reelected, but more so with Americans. I misjudged them. This election was a fight between explicit polarizing ideas: 

personal liberty, self-government, pro-Americanism, and anti-Marxist/technocratic globalism 


limited personal liberty, big federal tyranny/dictatorship, anti-Americanism and pro-Marxist/technocratic globalism. 

Trump attracted thousands upon thousands of enthusiastic Americans, who organized their own car and boat Trump parades, also by the thousands, each weekend, which you can look up because I am not going to describe them here. Yet the guy Americans really wanted, spent more time in his basement, barely raked in 25 masked supporters at a time to his sparse rallies, who dutifully sat in circles, marked out six-feet apart, or remained in cars, honking their approval, and clearly has mental deterioration. But ok. I'm convinced. Even if you say what we all suspect, that it isn't him Americans chose, but his running mate, and she is hardly known or very likable. She is worse than Hillary Clinton. 


Well, let's be honest: the ideas won, and that is what is disheartening. Apart from the violent anarchist faction that is raging, ultimately seeking an end to law and order and eventually America, there are more people who prefer to be taken care of by a dictator-like authority mandating what is best for ourselves, our families, and especially our children. You may ask what is wrong with that. It is the threat that follows, removing all self-government and personal responsibility. 

We are moving away from preserving the Foundational American principles to instituting federally-mandated personal behavior, with penalty for those who do not comply. This is the direction of America each time we elect a Democrat, whose party, by the way, is being altered by radical Marxist/technocratic ideologies now more than ever. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is already collecting names and addresses of Trump supporters - labeling it the "enemies list." She literally is Stalin in red lipstick. 

Don't think this is the direction of America? You are not paying attention. We are gratefully, for some,  moving away from our Founding principles. This is a grave rejection of all that was good and right in government. For now, all I can do is grab my popcorn and watch the coming implosion. (Though I am paying attention and doing what I must.)

Grin, and bare it. 


For example, I have left Twitter, and now I am done with Facebook. If ever there is a way to taste  Communism (just a taste), it is social media, which is like voluntary Communism. Are you tired of the promotion of one-sided views and opinions? Tired of the blatantly biased fact-checking? (Orwell didn't even imagine fact-checking.) Say the wrong thing, share the wrong story, have an opinion? Think the wrong thought? Gone! You can't do that, and they have the power to shut you up or remove content, as if it never existed. They can even remove you, too, along with your means of income.


If you value liberty, freedom of speech, ideas, and thought, you cannot in your right mind tolerate such overreach, which is why I cut myself off. And maybe that is what they want, but truly, we never needed social media before. It is a cancer we can live without. 

And well, I'm not grinning about this.


I said I was paying attention and doing what I must...if you've been to my blog, you know my family is trying to escape California, which is like a smaller replica of what America is set to be if we do not check the coming destruction (which is inevitable). California prides itself on leading the way. (That should be the state motto.) We have a dictator for a governor. For example, he just outlawed gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Again, there he goes making decisions without care for the ramifications. But I digress. 

So my husband had an interview for a company based in Round Rock, Texas. An actual bite! His interview "went well," and he had two more interviews. It was so exciting! However, it has been two weeks since he has received any feedback, and it has been a heavy burden on his mind. 

Back to the drawing board, unless we hear more from this company. We are prepared to be ready for when or if God calls us to move. That's all we can do. 


Life goes on. I will continue homeschooling, going to church, and trying to raise up Christians. I'll keep praying and reading my Bible, preparing for my Savior, pursuing and sharing His Truth. I know I am in good company, so many like-minded people...we could start our own nation (I wish). And we know the battle is a spiritual one, between good and evil, that has been raging since the beginning of Creation. We also know who wins!

Lastly, I had lost interest in intentional reading over recent months, but I think a renewed desire has finally returned. I look forward to exploring new lives and worlds and ideas. And I hope to write more extensively about it all. 

Overall, I know I am blessed. I am grateful. 

And I have no reason not to genuinely smile about that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Summer Wrap-up and Still Suffering the Scamdemic.

This is my summer wrap up post. But actually, I want to say for the record: Californians are suffering, and in part due to their inability to vote for proficient representatives, of which I have no part. Our economy is being annihilated, our freedoms are being dissolved, and our beautiful state is being destroyed due to utter incompetence. Will Californians ever want change?

Go back to Independence Day, which we were instructed NOT to celebrate. My friend's husband is a pyrotechnic, and said there were only four official fireworks shows across the state scheduled to be performed (by certified techies, like himself), and Apple Valley was one of the four. It still was not kosher, but the City chose to provide a show anyway. 

If you saw news from Los Angeles, it was obvious that not too many people abided by the suggestion not to gather and shoot fireworks. What did they expect, after demanding that everyone stay home for four months?!

We did go to the beach a couple of times -- once with some friends, and another time we went to a dog beach, which was a lot of fun. Maybe not so much for our pup, Dodger, but we had fun. 

The beach is the best place to READ!

Another fun summer activity is preparing for my next school year, and cleaning up that unsightly school room. 

Back in June, my girls' dance studio opened up again, as it APPEARED that we were ok. Within two weeks, our governor panicked and closed everything again. In tears, as I have already said in previous posts, the owner of the dance studio had to close up again. 

Yet, in 24-hour hours, she learned that she MAY remain open IF she tightened up security against germs, taking 15-minutes to sanitize every room before and after like an obsessive nut case, checking everyone's temperatures, and making everyone wear a mask as they enter and exit a room, which is when the Rona is most active. [I'm being sarcastic.]

For many weeks the studio operated in this manner, and all seemed well, until they upped the ante and made them wear masks DURING barre and then floor exercises.  

And then back in early August, someone complained to the County Health Department, and the owner received a letter and phone call. Again she was in tears! But she was so determined to keep her teachers paid and her students dancing that, in one weekend, she and volunteers erected make shift dance floors outside in the front and back parking lots. 

It was amazing and pathetic all at the same time. Pathetic that she had to bend over backwards to do this just to keep her business going. She has already lost profit due to a cancelled spring show and no Nutcracker this December, but her annual recital was still up in the air, although we knew there would be no live audience. Now her dancers were dancing outside in the elements: a heatwave, smoke from fires, vagrants in the area, and even cars flying by in the back alleyway. All this to protect from a virus that does not affect young people. They are poor transmitters. 

The back dance floor.

The front dance floor.

The owner of this dance studio is amazing, like I said. She made things happen. And she made their recital happen. I took pictures at home just to stay away from the crazy picture day at the studio that was as oppressive as it had to be with all the rules and restrictions and the mask wearing. So we had our segregated style photo shoot at home. No masks necessary.

My 11-year old

My 15-year old

And recital was held on a YouTube live event, which was technically challenged. But after all that, it was staggering what they all pulled off. After four months of Zoom lessons, and two months of dancing inside, no more dancing, no dancing inside, dancing outside...these dancers and their teachers did a super job. 

So this was how I watched my girls perform, and this is my 15-year old receiving her five-year award with A Dancer's Pointe from the AMAZING owner. 

Finally, in addition to some businesses STILL NOT OPENED, other businesses in our area CLOSING FOR GOOD, people  STILL eating at restaurants OUTSIDE IN THE PARKING LOTS!!!!! and my county on the PURPLE level (the worst level) with no hope in sight....we are also living with these fires. 

Four weeks ago, the El Dorado fire started southeast of my community when people gathered together in a park to have a gender reveal, and using fireworks, started a fire. I don't know what our governor is more upset about: the fire or that people gathered when he's restricted gathering! Anyway, this fire shifted north and up over the mountains and covered our community for three weeks. 

This is what the SUN looked like every evening at sundown.

But now we are dealing with the Bobcat fire, in the west. 

Last night, coming home from dance, we saw the red glow. So we climbed up onto the roof of our house and got a closer look. This is 40 miles from us, and nearby communities have been evacuated. Believe me, I never think that we are exempt from suffering through a raging fire in our community. The wind can get fierce, and this is 2020. Anything can happen. 

If I zoom in...

California is fired up. Part of me feels like there may be a turning. But I have to remember...I live in a more conservative section of the state. Rumor is that we have collected close to 600 thousand signatures to have the recall (the governor) on the ballot, but I cannot confirm. All of it has been a grassroots effort. 

People are angry! We see right through this governor, who does everything opposite the President.  Initially, the Governor told districts to make their own decisions about school. As soon as President Trump said that schools should open for students in the fall, Governor Newsom slammed his fist down and said, "NO! ALL SCHOOLS WILL REMAIN CLOSED!"  

People are angry about being shut down, losing businesses, unable to attend church or go anywhere, or send kids to school. No matter how serious this virus is, we don't believe or agree that it was worth destroying lives and livelihoods. 

A business voices its opinion; 
I cannot show you what else they have on this marquee 
regarding Governor Newsom or his aunt, Nancy Pelosi. 

Let me end on a good note: my husband did finish his Master's program and has officially graduated. He has already begun looking for work in Texas, but he is also open to other states, like Tennessee and Florida. If God opens a door, we maybe be leaving this place; but I also know, it is possible He may keep us here. It is all in His hands, and we are willing, whatever may be. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Back to Homeschool 101

So I hear that some parents are opting to educate their own children this fall now that some governors have declared schools too risky to attend in person. Personally, I think public schools specifically are dangerous, and it would be awesome to see more parents permanently pull their kids out.

Sadly, too many adults believe that parents are not capable of teaching their own children, and there is a whole lot of unnecessary fret that kids are going to be ruined for life since parents are trying to take this education thing into their own hands. This is nonsense!


No one can truly educate children. Teachers can only expose them to the world, and it is in the children's will if they want to learn or not. It is called self-education, and it happens all the time when children learn anything for themselves. Their education is ultimately up to them.

The kind of "education" that is going on in public schools -- at least in California -- is the extremely dangerous political and social indoctrination kind. If we were truly concerned as a society about our children's academic education, we would demand that schools focus on literature, history, math, science, writing, and critical thinking, not sexual perversion and exploitation or radical social justice. (But, I am deviating from my point.)

Parents and educators need not worry about kids failing or falling behind because they have been "out of the classroom" since mid-March. Frankly, life skills and character training are far more essential than academics, in my opinion, and hopefully children have been developing some of that at home.

Nonetheless, thinking about homeschooling can be daunting, though the process should come very naturally. I was thinking about what advice I would give to anyone beginning to homeschool this fall. My advice is not to recreate the classroom at home. The first thing I did was the only thing I knew, and that was how I learned, sitting for several hours a day, learning from textbooks. You don't have to do this. Yay!

Joining a homeschool group was the better "first thing I did" because I was introduced to a variety of unique ideas and a whole new world of learning resources.

I was open to different styles of learning and teaching. For example, Thomas Jefferson Education taught me that children should learn through play and work (chores) up through age seven. Keep in mind, from birth on they should be exposed daily to language; reading books with parents, grandparents, or older siblings should become a habit. So much learning is done through reading, including learning to read; and when they are ready for actually "seat work" after age seven, they may already be independent readers.

A Thomas Jefferson Education focuses on learning through the classics. Essentially, it is training for a classical education by reading, writing, and discussing the classics. Even mathematics involves reading the great mathematicians of the past and working out math problems that way, instead of using a textbook. I later implemented this style of learning into our homeschool.

For four or five years we used The Well-Trained Mind, by Susan Wise Bauer. This is classical education on steroids. It is extremely ambitious if you choose to do everything suggested, including Greek, Latin, modern languages, logic, and more. TWTM takes a chronological approach to history and literature, which I have since adopted. It makes sense to me that we should learn about the world in a chronological approach and that all other subjects should tie into that time frame.

Homeschool moms on the first day of our Antiquity Year
(What school starts day one in the tomb of an Egyptian pyramid?)

After TWTM, we spent four years working with other homeschool families doing Epic Adventures, which consisted of themed school years with a lot of in-person and hands-on experiences. Those are the best school memories I have, and I am sure my kids would agree.

One year we did a Little House Year using The Prairie Primer by Margie Gray. This book has many similarities to Epic Adventures. My rationale for doing the Little House Year was this:
I want my children to experience the American wilderness and frontier and appreciate the hardships and achievements of pioneers through the marvelous storytelling of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Some parents may want to begin with a rationale for why they are teaching their kids at home and what their intentions are. And it is important to revisit your rationale throughout the year, so you can stay on track.

My more recent influence to learning over these last two years has been Charlotte Mason. I do love Charlotte Mason mainly because she taught me why short lessons are so important. There is only so much learning humans can do, especially children, at one sitting. Try exposing your children to more ideas in smaller increments.

When you look at what Mason put before her students -- poetry, nature study, picture study, music, math, natural history, national & world history, Greek myths, character study, biographies, geography, Latin, modern language, copy work, Scripture, Shakespeare, current events, physical activity, handicrafts, grammar, folksongs, memory & recitation, and literature (I know I am forgetting some subjects) -- you might think it would be impossible to teach all of that. There isn't enough time in a day. Right.

However, when you distribute the subjects throughout the school week and spend no more than 10 to 20 or 30 minutes on each subject, you only need about three hours a day. Therefore, the remainder of the day is spent in physical activity, handicrafts, nature study, and whatever else the student wants to do with his or her own time. It is genius! Why should students spend 5-6 hours in a classroom, other than for babysitting! And with Charlotte Mason, students are getting a rich diet of ideas of the very best the world has to offer...not nasty biased modern day opinions about what the world should look like according to a few people with selfish ideas.

One last piece of advice or unsolicited opinion is this: our definition about academic achievement and success needs to change. Kids should not be burdened with pressure to "compete with the world" and get into a "great" college so they can be successful, as if that is their only reason for education.

The world needs more young people with solid character traits and leadership qualities -- statesmen -- people with conviction. We need more great thinkers, creative and capable of problem solving,  learned because of exposure to great men and women of history, science, the Bible, excellent literature, and other great stories, while being encouraged by parents and other invested adults.

Most importantly, we need solid marriages, strong families, and men to lead their families and women to manage their households. Strong marriages and families built by people of godly character are the bedrock of healthy communities, government, and nations.

Home education provides the foundation for training in all of these ideas and more. Of course, it is beneficial to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but it is not a prerequisite to homeschooling; however, it ties in smoothly with training your children in the way they should go. And the liberty that Christianity affords an individual parallels perfectly with the liberty of learning about God's world while you homeschool your children.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

New School Year 2020-21

It's that time of year again when I present our next school year. For the last six months, I have worked on the specifics. As we turn the next century, we will visit history, literature, and the arts from 1901 through the eve of WWII, 1939. We are finally entering the modern world.

The following is only term one, and these are the topics, biographies, and subjects we hope to cover.


TruthQuest History is the spine I have used since the Beginnings/Ancients. The author, Michelle Miller, provides a short, but sometimes long, Christian worldview introduction on the subject or topic or biography, and included are suggested resources in history, art, music, science, and technology to further explore, read about, or watch according to grade or age. Everything is in chronological order, which is exactly how my brain works. So I love this source.

Current Events: most mornings I will choose some happening in the world to read or watch and discuss.
Bible [a Proverb, Psalm, Gospel]: read one chapter from each every morning. Discuss.
Hymns: sing one hymn a week on Mondays.
Poets: T. S. Eliot & A. A. Milne: read one poem from collection on Tuesdays.
Composers: Viktor Bartok & Sergei Prokofiev: listen to piece of music during school, usually during the week. If we read about the composer, it will be on Wednesdays.
Artist: Grant Wood: study one artwork on Thursdays.
Folksong/folklore [corresponds with time period]: read or listen to one of these on Thursdays.

History: 1901-1919: these are the biographies and topics we will study during the first term, three days a week. Biographies they read separately, and topics I read to them. Afterward they write about what they learned.
  • Wright Bros.
  • Henry Ford
  • Helen Keller
  • Albert Einstein
  • Marie Curie

  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • The Titanic
  • WWI
  • Panama Canal
Geography [corresponds with history]: usually Thursdays.
Literature: the kids read their book independently, four days a week, and later will write about what they read. 
  • The Wind in the Willows 
  • Wizard of Oz

Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet - this we all read together. 
Marine Biology: [online from OutSchool] Eva enjoys online learning and asked to study marine biology.
Physics/Chemistry: Exploring Creation with Physics/Chemistry - Vin decided that the did not like the online learning experience; therefore, he will be working out of a text.
Math: Saxon - independent work, four days a week.
Grammar: Abeka - independent work, three or four days a week.


Thanks to Sky Mountain, my high school student, who will have a different plan than the younger students, does independent study. Unfortunately, it is up in the air pending some new state education laws. Californians enjoy some of the most lenient homeschool requirements in the nation; however, recent legislators and this current governor have not been shy at chipping away at educational and parental choice, and that may change some of my high schooler's plans. So we have to wait and see what happens during registration time.

Current Events - do with the other kids and me.
Bible - do with the other kids and me.
Spanish I (K12)
Algebra I (K12)
Marine Biology by Apologia

World/American History:
     Term One: The Yanks are Coming by Albert Marrin
Literature/Composition (Well Read Fred, but if that doesn't work out, then...)
     Term One: The Great Gatsby
     Term One: Romeo & Juliet
Poetry: Robert Frost

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Unmasking the Mask

Up until Monday's Shutdown of the California Economy Part II, my biggest angst was the mask, or face covering, or muzzle, as I like to call it, which is now the least of my problems since I cannot go anywhere again. Because I value freedom, I believe that everyone should have the liberty to choose if she wants to muzzle up, cover her face or not.  Here is my opinion on the matter:

From March through June, I complied with the mask guidelines whenever I went to Kaiser for doctor visits, scans, and my surgery. Visitors were required to wear a mask.

By mid-June, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) gave the OK for some businesses, including our dance studio, gyms, and small churches, to open and have in-person activities. Masks were still voluntary, but most people chose to wear them. It felt like life was coming back again.

And then, out of nowhere, we got this from Newsom (my slight exaggeration):
"That's it! I provided all of you the opportunity to show me that you cared about others, and instead, you have shown me how inconsiderate you are. Not enough of you are wearing masks! Therefore, I have ordered the CDPH to issue more guidelines on wearing masks in public, and everywhere!"
I knew from experience that the mask made me feel claustrophobic; it felt like suffocation, causing me anxiety. I cannot breathe comfortably and hate breathing my own hot breathe. I want air and need to breathe oxygen. It pains me to even look at people wearing masks because I feel their suffocation.

[BTW, it nauseates me to share these images of my governor in his heavy, dark muzzle, but I must.]

I did all I could to avoid wearing a mask. As I ventured out, I chose only to shop at a grocery store that didn't enforce the mask. Our bowling alley publicly acknowledged the exemptions provided by the CPDH. Hobby Lobby did, too. My little coffee shop near the dance studio as well. Even the employees at the family-owned feed store didn't wear masks.

With exception of the "ORDER" and the spelling of Newsom, 
the bowling alley got it right!

I did have a problem at my local library, which just opened two weeks ago. They refused me entry and said they received new instructions from our County. While my girls went inside to get books, I explained that the mask guidelines included health exemptions, but the manager said they were given no exemptions.

While I waited outside for my kids, I called San Bernardino County to inquire about the new mask instructions. The county directed me back to the CDPH, and read for me the same exemptions as the CDPH. Later, a friend of mine spoke to the library manager and showed him that the CDPH exemptions are for their protection, to make sure that no one is discriminated against. The manager said he would speak to his supervisor about these things and get back to her personally.

I also wrote letters to Barnes & Noble and a local gun store that did not know about the exemptions. B & N has since changed their policy, but I have yet to hear from the gun store.

I have done research on the mask guidelines, and it is amazing what you find when you dig a little. Governors cannot mandate or make an executive order against personal or individual behavior. They oversee agencies and departments, which is why Newsom is using the CDPH to tell us what to do. But they are not a legislative body. They can only offer guidance and recommendations.

Unfortunately, the biased media sources give us our information, but we cannot believe them. They lie! They presented the June mask guidelines as an "order" given by our governor that must be strictly followed or risk punishment. And just like that, most businesses and individuals complied, if they weren't already personally choosing.

But, again, the guidelines are not enforceable by law. They are only recommendations by the health department, not a governing body. In addition, if you look at San Bernardino County, they only "highly recommend" that employees wear masks, and consider it "optional" for a business or agency to require customers to wear a mask. It is not clear or well explained, and that is by design.

My point is, there is nothing illegal about not wearing a mask. But the whole ordeal has been made to look like our Governor has legally ordered individuals to put on a mask or risk breaking a law. This is a deception.

So why wear one? Well. According to our governor, he said, and I quote:
Wearing a mask helps us to remember to practice social distancing and it shows others that we care. 
If you want to show someone you care...try these: stay home when you are sick. Even a tiny bit. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often and well. Practice good hygiene. Be courteous. Be kind. Be of service to others. Don't block traffic, don't destroy other people's property, don't steal, don't harm others or beat the crap out of them because you feel vengeful and entitled, and don't kill defenseless babies in the womb.

Demanding that everyone wear a mask in public demonstrates shallowness and a lack of creativity and real fortitude...but it makes sense coming from a morally superior, godless governor. Of course a dark muzzle over his mouth and nose suits him perfectly. What a fool! What a pathetic excuse to make people feel guilty and comply with such foolishness.

Does the mask help? Some scientists and doctors say sure, while others disagree. Scientifically, the mask should definitely be reserved for sick people. The best things a sick person can do are stay home and avoid people. The same with immune compromised, the elderly, and people with other health conditions. People need to learn how to self-quarantine when they are not well or when they are vulnerable. And people should have the choice to wear a mask or not. But because we are reluctant to single out some people, everyone must be compromised. This I disagree with because it has had significantly harmed healthy people and our economy unnecessarily.

And if you haven't noticed, I will point it out: Governor Newsom has decided that he is going to use the mask, the face covering, the muzzle to divide people. He is well pleased that the division has naturally occurred between those who wear it compliantly and those who refuse, and he is making it the political focus of the RONA. It takes the burden off of him and it is moving along nicely in his destructive plan.

This second shutdown has further cemented his plot, and those in fear are already grumbling, "See, if people would just wear a mask, this wouldn't have happened!!!"

So when the CDPH gets the green light to permit a reopening of the businesses a second time, there may be stern warnings to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask; and the small selfish minority of individuals who choose not to wear the mask in public will also be shamefully repudiated. Of course, the exemptions will still be in place for protections, but it will be a burden on the business to follow or fear being responsible for spreading the RONA. And you can be sure: more people will be wearing their masks even while driving alone.

FEAR of one's government is highly motivational.